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This one you lack in the April Fool's Day blessing in 2016. The April Fool's Day blessing here allow

This one you lack in the April Fool's Day blessing in 2016. The April Fool's Day blessing here allows you to fill this gap

1. Because of you, I believe in fate; Because of you, I believe in fate; Maybe all this is fate, pulling us. I really want to say... What evil did I do in my last life!

2. No matter where you are, as long as you scream up to the sky and shout 'I'm a beauty' for three times, I will appear next to you immediately.

3. In the morning, you walked gently to my bedside and kissed my face affectionately. Your deep eyes always stared at me. I really can't refuse you -- 'good dog, take you for a walk'.

4. i noh ss! W I, you must not understand, stupid, boy! The cell phone is upside down!

5. The sea is vast and the sky is free to jump. You can write a beautiful story. Good children should go after it and send humorous short messages to the little turtle!!!

6. Transfer notice: we have transferred 200000 yuan to your account according to your requirements. Please confirm within 2 seconds, otherwise the transfer will be invalid.

7. There is a tacit understanding called tacit understanding, a feeling called wonderful, a yearning called eager to see through, and an idiot will read the text message!

8. If you forward this message three times, you will be lucky; If you forward it 6 times, you will have official luck; Forward 10 times, you will have good luck; Forward 20 times, you will spend 3 yuan!

9. The person who received the message was an Egyptian mummy, the person who deleted the message was an African bug, the person who returned the message was a Rwandan wild boar, and the person who did not reply was a Thai demon whose operation was unsuccessful!

10. I have something to ask you. Can you find a vacant room for me for two days? Please don't tell anyone about this. I didn't want to trouble you, but I really can't find someone to trust. I'm Saddam!

11. Congratulations! You were rated as a moving Chinese character, award speech; You let us know: People's greatest wealth lies in the persistence of fools and mentally retarded. You bring smiles to people with your appearance, jokes to people with your IQ, and jokes to people with your actions; You use language to bring laughter to people. In this era, you still make the world believe that fools are invincible. Ha ha, happy April Fool's Day!

12. The first kiss gives smoke, romance gives wine, confusion gives eyes, rhythm gives music, the first night gives dreams, the body gives lovers, derailment gives the train, madness gives the mind, and the most sober blessing gives you: Happy April Fool's Day!

13. Sometimes I envy you. I eat when I open my eyes and sleep when I close my eyes. There is no trouble and I don't know how tired I am. The most important thing is that you are great and willing to use your life to save people's hungry spleen and stomach! Salute you, brother pig! Happy April Fool's Day!

14. When April Fool's day comes, cheat gold, cheat silver and cheat money. Report to prison sooner or later. Don't commit a crime; Cheat love, cheat love, cheat hug, sweet taste is not authentic, don't go against your heart; Cheat the dog, tease the bird, open your teeth and claws, look, don't be silly; Fool the retarded and tease the silly hat. If you are angry, I'll laugh. The whole person is the best. That's what a fool is. He looks at the text message blankly and knows that he has been corrected. Look, look!

15. The wind lifts your long hair and you look more free and easy! When the waves hit your feet, you look more flawless! You are facing the sunrise in the East, just like a wave flower! I'm not an acquaintance. I'm ashamed to show you're a fool! Happy April Fool's Day!