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Which April Fool's Day blessings sent to leaders in 2016 are the most appropriate? Check the April F

Which April Fool's Day blessings sent to leaders in 2016 are the most appropriate? Check the April Fool's Day blessings sent to leaders in 2016

1. Didn't the wind really come into my eyes? Didn't you really break my heart? I really cried! How did this happen?! Tears can't stop flowing, and there's a kind of inexplicable pain -- you damn onion!

2. I am not superstitious, but I firmly believe that all things should not be on April Fool's day. The sound of wind, rain and reading is true? Family affairs are the world's affairs, everything must be verified! April Fool's Day is coming. I wish you success and don't be fooled.

3. Don't disturb me when I am irritable; When missing, you kiss the tip of my ear; When I am helpless, you say hello to me; When I am happy, you dance with me; I don't know what to do without you! Thank you on April Fool's Day: mobile phone.

4. You are born with a swirling head, black face, missing five fingers, two vegetable leaves covering your face, flying walls and eaves in the Jianghu, making chickens fly and dogs bark, and beautiful women look silly. He thinks he is the boss of the beggars' sect and lives in a mental hospital. If you don't accept this, see you on April Fool's Day!

5. When you were young and in love, you said you loved my devastated face; In your twilight years, you said that you gave birth to me. When I leave, I finally know what you really want. Dear, happy April Fool's Day!

6. The first kiss gives smoke, romance gives wine, confusion gives eyes, rhythm gives music, the first night gives dreams, the body gives lovers, derailment gives the train, madness gives the mind, and the most sober blessing gives you: Happy April Fool's Day!

7. There is a saying that I don't know what to say, because it involves unspeakable privacy; I don't know if I should contact you, but it's too important to you. After a fierce ideological struggle, I finally summoned up the courage to say: Happy April Fool's Day!

8. This message is very good. You will have good luck when you receive it. The forwarding youth is not old, and the group notes run along. The content is: April Fool's day to talk about civilization, good jokes, just be happy! Group hair!

9. Today's April Fool's day, I specially issue an April Fool's order to learn the sound of a dog. I feel very happy; Smile three times, good luck won't!