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Blessings for single dogs to feel refreshed our love is on the way

A "bare stick" has witnessed the experiences of single dogs. So what are the frustrations of singles before Singles Day in 2015? The following blessings will cheer single dogs up! read a blessing for single dogs!

Blessings for single dogs to feel refreshed our love is on the way

1. Singles Day is coming! It is said that women are clothes. I have been running naked for twenty or thirty years. Please give me a dress. Not for fashion and beauty, but for resistance to drag and wear; Don't ask for high price, just warm up and comfort!

2. Being single is hard, and no one cooks instant noodles; It's hard to be single. Your socks are broken; Single annoying, no chat good lonely; Bachelor music, wind up text messages to comfort me! On singles day, send blessings to the singles around you!

3. Singles day, in view of the growing number of singles in recent years and becoming a major group concerned by the world, I hope singles must guard against arrogance and impatience, continue to carry forward the style of hard work and strive to find a target as soon as possible!

4. Singles Day is coming. Do you want to say goodbye to being single? Give you a pair of best folk prescription: Ten packs of trust granules, twelve Tongxin herbs, ten happy capsules, and take them with colorful honey for three days to ensure the elimination of love. Happy Singles Day!

5. Are you still worried about being single? Don't worry, man. It's good to be single: one person is full, the whole family is not hungry, and there are two festivals a year. No, it's your holiday again. Happy Singles Day on November 11!

6. The separation between the two places is hard to say. I'm in the northwest and southeast of her. Life is more difficult than being single. I visit my relatives once a year. When the child refused to see him at home, he called his uncle out to play. The wife complains constantly, especially when it's hard to be a bachelor.

7. Good luck comes on singles day, and all singles laugh. Work smoothly, people are in good health, and Yuelao leads the way to help. All roads lead to Rome, and everyone becomes Ruyi Lang. I wish the dream of singles day come true and love is as sweet as honey!