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Can let the husband get a big bear hug? Do you need it as a husband

When the women's day came, the husband sent the following group of blessings to his wife. Unexpectedly, his wife not only didn't get angry, but also gave her husband a bear hug! What kind of blessing made the husband give his wife a big bear hug! Please pay attention to's reading section 38 blessings.

Can let the husband get a big bear hug? Do you need it as a husband

1. Beauty is your capital, intelligence is your self-restraint, virtuosity is your sign, gentleness is your taste, kindness is your essence. Happy women's day. I wish you young, beautiful and happy!

Without you, life becomes uncomfortable. I hate that hateful third party who takes you away. Do you have a new relationship with him? I miss you coming back to me -- wallet. I wish you a happy women's Day!!

2. It's sunny in spring. The whole family has a meeting to discuss who is the most tired in the year; The child said: in order to save money, my mother often queues up. The parents said: they didn't go to bed until midnight in order to take care of their daughter-in-law. Finally, the wife deserves to vote unanimously!

Water is active, trees have roots, and my love for my wife is also deep; Love you really, love you deeply, send you a short message for a reason; I wish you a happy women's Day!

3. There are three advantages of keeping fit: A. tight resources and less space; B runs faster; The weight of C in men's mind is inversely proportional to that on the bathroom scale.

Sweet smile is your language and gentle behavior is your business card. No matter how many people are submerged, you will also make people recognize you at a glance, recognize your elegant posture and recognize your refined beauty. Beauty, happy women's Day!

4. May you be lazy at home and go out to restaurants on women's day; Can't go to work, just turn around the mall; Slimmer figure and better appearance; The mood is very comfortable and the lover is very romantic. I wish you a happy holiday!

Valentine's day did not bless you, afraid you misunderstood; April Fool's day did not bless you, afraid you collapse; Women's day did not bless you, for fear of your shame; I didn't bless you on Mother's day for fear of your tears. But today must bless you: father's day, may you be intoxicated!