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The blessing words of putting happiness on the wings of humor make the "double happiness" in March 8

The rigidity of festival blessings will cause people's attention to fatigue. How to make our brain not tired and add new elements is very important. The information full of blessings has a little humor, which is really happy! Several groups of humorous and funny 38 blessing words will make your holiday life full of fun.

Three groups of 38 Festival humorous blessings make your festival 'double joy' in the sky

1. On March 8th, I wish you a happy day with this message. Romance is like cherry blossoms, beauty is better than flowers, auspiciousness is like snowflakes, wealth is like peonies, luck meets peach flowers, and fragrance climbs over Jasmine!

On March 8, I wish you happiness, beauty and flowers, romance like cherry blossoms, auspiciousness like snowflakes, luck like peach blossoms, wealth like peonies, and fragrance like jasmine flowers! Be happy! ha-ha!

2. A 20-year-old woman is more beautiful than her face; 30-year-old women are more intelligent than others; A woman of forty is better than wealth; Fifty year old women are healthier than men! March 8th women's Day is coming. I wish you a happy holiday, more than anything!

Women's Day is coming. I'm here to send you ten ones: a bottle of boiled water, an onion, an eggplant, a piece of fish, a tomato, a glass of milk, an apple, a cup of tea, a kilometer walk and a good law of life

3. It's women's day. I'll send you & lsquo; Eight wealth and eight Qi & rsquo;; I wish you great wealth and small wealth, good wealth and partial wealth, gold and silver wealth, beautiful wealth and happy wealth, and your family wealth will be prosperous; Ambition and talent, righteousness and heroism, backbone and courage, kindness and tiger spirit. I wish you happiness in your life!

Please smile happily, let life be full of your flexible color, please sing happily, and let the days be as enjoyable as beautiful scenery. Send a text message to you, my favorite, I wish you a happy women's Day!