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Wedding blessing: May you two love each other and love forever

wedding blessing: May you two love each other and love forever Light rouge, light wine, light butterfly falling hydrangea. Today is a happy day. I wish our talents and beauties a happy wedding and a happy marriage for a hundred years. As the saying goes, we have to cross the boat for a hundred years and sleep together for a thousand years. With a song "celestial match", the birds in the tree are paired and the green water and green mountains bring a smile. You and I are like mandarin ducks and birds flying together to express our feelings in the world. Please accept our blessing and my applause. Congratulations on finding the only soul mate in this life. In the quiet love river in the future, may you two love each other, work together, cultivate happy flowers, and have a happy wedding! Because of you, the summer is more gorgeous, and all the people are busy competing for beauty. Because of you, the old moon smiles, and the mandarin ducks become a pair. I wish you a romantic wedding, know each other and love each other year after year! In the past, Caifeng flew with two wings, and now they are connected with branches together. They have the same meaning for a long time. They depend on each other at all corners of the world. Luan and Phoenix sing together forever. I sincerely wish you a happy wedding and eternal unity. The moon is full and the love affair is wonderful. Flowers and candles accompany a good night. I wish you a happy wedding and live in harmony with you. Mandarin ducks sleep together and enjoy Taotao. They don't envy immortals. Husband and wife love each other as early as possible, sweet until old. Hand in hand, let the flower of life bloom; Accompany, make life full of happiness desire; Smile, let happiness stay beside you forever; With love, life is fragrant everywhere. Dear friends, I wish you a happy marriage and a long life! Flowers always fragrance, birds chirp and sing. Today's Day is really loud. You have chosen the right day and the right person. The joy of marriage hangs on your face. I wish you a hundred years and a happy wedding! Congratulations on finding a soul mate to spend your life with. I wish you a happy wedding and a happy life! Reach out your loving hand and receive Yingying's blessing. Let happiness bloom bright flowers and welcome your future days. Lan Zhou was married yesterday. Today, she is married to a fairy couple. The two white heads are concentric. Tonight, they share the dream of mandarin ducks. In the coming year, they will have a lot of fun, and wish the newlyweds the same wishes. They will be happy together for a hundred years. I just want to sincerely wish you a happy marriage, love each other and happiness forever! There is a kind of opportunity called fate, a kind of happiness called love, and a kind of happiness called marriage; When you grasp the opportunity of fate, enjoy the happiness of love and experience the happiness of marriage, I wish you a happy marriage for a hundred years! Love is honey, a garland, a spring, a snow lotus, an eternal hymn and the source of life; Love is care, dedication, pain of missing, sweetness of memory, inseparable and trembling expectation. Today is your wedding day. May you love each other, share morality and be happy all your life! I wish you a happy wedding, happiness, love forever bath, grow old together! Commitment is just two words. It doesn't need to be beautiful, noble and gorgeous. If two people have a paper marriage letter, their life may be plain, like boiled water, but I have you and you have me. If they are concentric, how can they prevent salted fish and cabbage, advance and retreat together, share hardships and happiness? To XXX's wedding congratulations, happy marriage, early birth of your son, and white head. SMS Collection Today is the day for you to get married. The highest level of mutual love is to be relatively insatiable, truly love each other and make an appointment forever; May you two love each other and be deeply in love. Your love will last forever and grow with each passing day! Congratulations on your wedding! Shocking wedding greetings, friends with ordinary relations must not send: come to the 'Day' leader, don't 'Fuck' overwork. Three joys in life, dear friends, on your wedding day, let me sincerely wish you a happy wedding! Wutong branches on the habitat of two Phoenix, the flowers between the two and the yuan. Love each other and happiness will last forever. May your love be deeper than the sea! With sincere friendship, I wish you thousands of gifts! May love permeate your sweet life and make every day in the future as brilliant and joyful as today! Miss words I wish you a happy wedding tonight; May you work together and my heart be happy with you; When the cell phone rings, I wish you love each other forever. Hold the hand of love tightly and bless the sky forever; Two hearts cherish each other. The truth is like gold. There is earth to protect the shade. Stick your heart tightly. I wish you a happy wedding! My blessings and thoughts are now expressed to you, such as the red double happiness; My blessing and concern, at this time, express to you, such as the white wedding dress; I wish you a happy wedding! Weave colorful flower baskets with rainbows. I wish you a happy wedding; Turn auspicious clouds into words of blessing. I wish you good luck in your life; In your happy day, I send sincere blessings. May your life be as sweet as honey! Today is your day of great joy. I send you a wish here. I wish you a happy life, an early birth, a long bath of love, a happy life and a happy wedding! For a long time, at the ends of the earth, you two talented women and beauties, Lang Youqing and my concubine are interested in making a vow to go down the mountain and unite with the sea, and take them away from the end of life. Blessing SMS The lotus in the pool is tied together, and the mandarin duck play in the pool; The branches on the shore are connected, and the butterflies on the shore are wing to wing. Today is your wedding day. I bless you in the name of love. May the flower of love bloom forever in your heart; Bless you in the name of years. May the years grow old and never change your feelings of love. May you use love to tie each other, understand and care for each other, and share the pain and happiness in the future. I wish you a happy marriage for a hundred years.