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Best wishes for marriage

best wishes for marriage Love is honey, garland, spring, snow lotus, eternal hymn and source of life; Love is concerned about, is dedication, is the pain of missing, is the sweet memories, is inseparable, is the heart trembling expectations. Today is your wedding day. May you love each other and enjoy happiness forever. I wish you a happy marriage, a happy life, a long life together! It's said that looking back for N times in the past life can only lead to the passing of this life. What kind of fetters and worries do they have in order to get married together in this life. Today you are married. I wish you happiness in the name of love. May the flower of love never fail. In the name of years, I wish you all the best. May years go by and never change your love. Happy wedding! Wedding greetings Love by knowing each other and know each other better by loving each other. People often say that the immortal couple is you! I wish you love each other and know each other every year! Take the heartfelt blessing from the breeze, let Liuyun offer sincere affection; This evening, the air is full of intoxicating sweetness. I wish my dearest friend, from now on, love forever bath! Congratulations! Wine and cup are inseparable from each other! Bless you! Wine and cup, love!! Ten years of cultivation will lead to the same boat crossing, and a hundred years of cultivation will lead to the same pillow sleeping. In the vast sea of people to find her, is clearly a predestined relationship a thousand years ago, I wish you two happiness, harmony. Years gaze, let happiness stay, success hand in hand, happiness with you a total of white head, I wish a happy marriage, a hundred years! sweet talk Today's wind is full of joy and joy, today's Day is full of happiness and sweetness, extend your hands, catch the blessing to you, wish you a happy new marriage. Romantic node, the starting point of happiness, in this special festive day, I wish you a good marriage hand in hand to share love, side by side with the wind and rain, grow old together, sweet and happy, happy marriage. Congratulations on your friend's wedding. I wish you and your wife happiness forever. Love and harmony, singing together, hand in hand to share a better life. Make concerted efforts to build a home, family planning twins. I wish my friends good luck! Because of predestination, so predestination; Because there is a share, all do not divide; Because of love, all dependence; Because of love, so warm; Because happy, so happy. Wish you hand in hand life wind and rain, never leave! I don't know where the clouds end? I don't know, how long can flowers bloom? I only know that as long as the heart beats, there will be blessings! In the days of your marriage, I wish you each hand over a wing, angel new swallow, flying together in the blue sky; Each hand over a true feeling, immortal partner, this life grace love forever! I wish you all the same heart and soul, love each other, happy wedding and happiness! Happiness is dancing in the wind of white wedding dress; Happiness, is a bright smile on the face stop; Happiness is the way to grow old with your son; Happiness is today's sweet step. Best wishes for a hundred years of harmony and unity forever! You are a couple, and now we are together. In the future, we need to be tolerant and take care of each other. Best wishes to you[ Wedding greetings] Extend the hand of love, receive the blessing of Yingying, let happiness bloom brilliant flowers, welcome to your future days... I wish you a happy wedding. Blessing for you, laughing for you, because today, my heart is as exuberant and happy as you! I wish you all a happy New Year! reach old age! It's said that you are going to get married and get married with a man named 'happiness'. The dowry is' ruyi', the dowry is' health ', the bridesmaid is' good luck'. It's also said that your future baby is' happy '. Wish you a happy life! Marriage is called network access, bigamy is called one card double number, extramarital love is called call transfer, more lovers are called mobile dreamnet, divorce is called cancellation, separation is called shutdown number, remarriage is called machine restoration, remarriage is called transfer, remarriage is called supplementary card. Today is the most beautiful and happy time in your life. I wish you a happy wedding! live to old age in conjugal bliss! Life is sweet! Wish your child good health! Grow up fast! bright! Special recommendation: (love expression)