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2015 year of the sheep

2015 year of the sheep The combination of sincere love is the purest of all combinations. I wish you... Wedding greetings When the red plum blossoms in the snow, Lang comes by bamboo horse. Wedding banquet guests, Ruixue welcome new people. Suona blowing festive, firecrackers sound auspicious. Kowtow need to see ring, heaven and earth and high hall. The winter is cold, the bridal chamber is warm, and love is sweet after suffering. Happy wedding! Congratulations on entering the palace of love. Wish you a happy New Year! This is a festive day, everywhere decorated, jubilant. This is a congratulatory day for all of you. This is an unforgettable day, with firecrackers and gongs. It's a day we'll always remember - wedding anniversary. I wish you a happy marriage and a long life together. Love is long, love is long, today's love is happy; Think tonight, look forward to last night, little is to write miss; The bell rings, the message arrives, and we sincerely wish you all the best; Two people, one heart, honey, live forever, happy wedding! Willow green, peach red, warbler swallow language, auspicious day, sprinkle firework rain everywhere; In the noisy days, the drum music and Sheng song, friends, relatives and friends gather together to celebrate; Flying together in Xinyu, playing harp and playing fairy couple. Today is the wedding day, I wish you love each other, happy wedding! I wish you love, mood, life, career and life. Red line brings happiness for you. Yuelao writes down the legend of love for you. Today, he plants sweet flowers and blooms firm and incomparable love. The words of blessing are the most today: I wish you a happy wedding and a happy marriage! Opening congratulations Today's message will make you happy, worry will never germinate, life pain will melt away, love belief is natural and unrestrained, the movement of life is prosperous, sweet moment smile like flowers, congratulations on creating a happy family! Happy wedding! May your life be as beautiful as Psalms, as wise as proverbs, as devout as Ecclesiastes, and as harmonious as the book of songs! The old man on the moon leads the red line, the marriage leads the red line, the true love of the world, the romance helps the old, the flowers bloom and tie the lotus, the life after life is good, today's marriage, the grass beautiful flowers also smile, wish you a total of white head, a hundred years are too little, wish you a happy wedding! Magpies fly on the branches and shout, and firecrackers make a jubilant sound. To see off the bride to the front of the floats, surrounded by flowers. The bridegroom falls into the bride's kiln, three kowtows and nine bows. From then on, the mandarin ducks paddled in the water and the swallows soared in the air. The beautiful women and the handsome men will grow old together. Thank you to all the guests. Welcome to the new style. Congratulations on my son-in-law's coming into the house. He is as filial as a son. May the Lord bless you from the most holy, and may you see the good of the holy city Jerusalem all your life! Married, long-term love, to live with each other, early birth of a son, many happy events. I wish you all the best today. Happy wedding, happy life! Hand in hand, let the flower of life bloom; Accompany, make life full of happiness desire; Smile, let happiness stay around forever; With love, life is full of fragrance, my dear friends, I wish you a happy marriage! May the two of you live together in peace, as the precious oil poured out on Aaron's head and flowed all over his body; Like the dew of Hermon on Mount Zion; Love each other, care for each other, understand each other, work together to build a happy Christian home! Gongs and drums in the new laugh, red couplets in the guests. The bridegroom lifted the red cap and put the rouge on the bride's make-up. Gazing at the heart, the oath of love. Hand in hand towards happiness, step into the gentle field. I sincerely wish you a happy wedding. Three autumn Guizi welcome new people, ten li lotus pity heart. The wild goose flies past the mark of the book, and the beautiful couple becomes the door to the door. On the moon, the willows are at dusk, and the beauty has a little forest. The bridal chamber is full of flowers and candles, and the cloud of Wushan vows to be one heart in this life. I wish you a lifetime of love Sunshine, birds call, flowers smile, happy to. The beauty of heaven is a perfect combination; People and beauty, forever in love. I wish you a happy couple and a happy marriage. Happy wedding! Graduation greetings Cup and water, water and cup, there is a cup of water to show value, there is a cup of water to live in, today's flowers for you, firecrackers for you, everyone for you congratulations, I celebrate for you, wish you a happy life together! Who dyed your lips with rouge, who frowned your eyebrows with sincerity, who won your Jingfang years with wedding yarn, who won you with both hands, beautiful bride, friend, happy wedding, we must be happy. Special recommendation: (birth blessing)