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Creative wedding greetings

creative wedding greetings Congratulations, passionate age, warm summer, hot wedding to explosion; I'll send you all the gifts. I love you as sweet as honey. I'll go to longhasheng's home with a tacit understanding. congratulations! Farewell to single, also means that you find true love, as your friend, also really happy for you, I wish you a happy marriage, sweet, happy. Congratulations on your certificate today. I'd like to send you my most sincere blessing: a once-in-a-hundred-year reward of love. How lucky you are! Hold the beauty back, get the man's heart. Life together, together to the old, hand together with Qi Baitou. Tie the knot and manage the power together. In the process of the wedding, the principal, parents of both sides and the bride finished speaking and came to the bridegroom to speak. The bridegroom stammered: welcome to my wedding, I wish you a happy new marriage! Hot, young and beautiful, especially today; Happy life is beautiful, especially today; Sweet love is gorgeous, especially today. I sincerely wish you a beautiful day and a happy marriage. Happy wedding! The music of passion starts to ring, and the gongs and drums of happiness start to beat. When friends and relatives make trouble, the bridegroom and bride worship. Finally open the lock of one heart and create the future with one heart and one mind. Everyone is envious of a good marriage, and a happy ending comes. Happy wedding! Auspicious day Chenliang, the wind and the sun, the Phoenix and the Phoenix, the perfect combination; A hundred years of marriage, mandarin duck wings, bridal chamber, full of bright; The wild geese are joyful, singing and dancing, the husband and wife are of one mind, and everyone is envious. I wish you a new marriage and a new atmosphere, and start for happiness. Wedding message Congratulations on getting married! I wish you a happy wedding, honey! a harmonious union lasting a hundred years! have a lovely baby early! Extend the hand of love, accept the blessing of Yingying, let happiness bloom brilliant flowers! Congratulations on finding a soul mate to spend your life with. Marriage is a major event in life. I believe you will make the most wise decision. When you have the crystal of love and have a lovely baby, don't forget to invite me to eat oil rice! The sound of drum music indicates a hundred years of harmony, and the red candle highlights the eternal happiness. On this beautiful day, I envy my friends and relatives. The red lotus blossoms and the couple love each other at the same time. Happy wedding! Singing on the drum and singing on the zither, drinking on the same cup, the two hearts agree with each other, the drum and the basin are happy, the drunk dance together, and the world will last forever. At the beginning of the bridal chamber, the drum and the basin are celebrating, the wedding is blessed, and the love is white. The couple has been made by nature, and they like to form an alliance. Husband and wife have a deep love for worship, and they live up to their youth and the sky. Hongmei Aoxue adds joy and loyalty. Carved beams and painted buildings, jade screen wind, beautiful scenery to dawn. I wish you a lifetime of love Happy couple, firecrackers are equally famous, happy, heart is like a flower, do not play together in the bridal chamber, red light warms the heart, waves all night, pillow side accompany to dawn, love each other to white head, hand in hand for family harmony. Wish you a happy New Year! If you get married, you will marry grey wolf. If you get married, you will be happy. From knowing each other to loving each other, from loving each other to knowing each other better. People often say 'out of print couple' is you! Wish 'grey wolf' and 'happy ocean' love each other year by year, know each other year by year! Hand over a wing, angel new swallow, after flying together in the blue sky; Each hand over a true love, immortal partner, after the common love in the world; I hand over a dime, wish you a happy wedding, a hundred years! Willow green, peach red, warbler swallow language, auspicious day, sprinkle firework rain everywhere; In the noisy days, the drum music and Sheng song, friends, relatives and friends gather together to celebrate; Flying together in Xinyu, playing harp and playing fairy couple. Happy wedding! The willows are green and the peaches are red. Good day and good day, sprinkle firework rain all over. The ancient and modern flowers are in love with each other, and the Yuanyang, Luan and phoenix dance for thousands of years. Drum music and Sheng song in the noisy sky. Friends, relatives and friends gather in unison. Flying together in Xinyu, playing harp and playing fairy couple. The Dragon flies and the Phoenix dances among the colorful clouds, and the mandarin ducks are playing in the water. Welcome to the wedding show. The plum blossoms in spring, the bride is gorgeous, and the rosy clouds reflect the prosperity of Chengtang. One heart, one heart, one heart, one heart, one heart, one heart. Wish you a happy New Year! Longfengchengxiang happy to welcome the festival, LIANLI pair love double; Talented men, good ball, beautiful women find Ruyi Lang; You Nong I Nong Zhen family, sweet words into the bridal chamber; A good day and a good time are fixed for life. Suona plays out each other's love, gongs and drums play out each other's emotion, firecrackers sound out each other's tacit understanding. Keep the happiness, let the happiness infect, let all the good can achieve the wish: accompany this life, happy forever! A couple of mandarin ducks, just in time for the new year, bloom in pairs, like to connect, sweet and honey, a hundred year old couple, happy in heaven, happy in earth, happy in people, happy in things, happy in things, happy in everything. Tiangao cloud light words single, wholeheartedly for the new marriage. Guests from all over the world are happy to be here, and auspicious omens come from heaven and earth. The title of the golden list has been on for many years, and the wedding is just tonight. A hundred years together, shoulder to shoulder, a total of Chan Juan. Happy wedding There are two birds flying in the sky, two plum blossoms on the ground, a pair of happy couples under the lamp, two love flowers in the bridal chamber, a golden house singing with a colorful Phoenix, and a bridal chamber full of flowers and candles. Congratulations on your coming into the palace of love and best wishes for a hundred years! It's a perfect match. At the moment, it's a complete interpretation of the beauty of new people; Set up a pair of ground, accompanied by festive overflow the whole bridal chamber; It's the love between the two that never ends; I wish you a happy new marriage and a long life together! In the year of the dragon, Spring Festival, good things continue, romantic wedding, affectionate holiday, happy hand in hand, glittering jewelry, a lifetime of commitment, wedding, food, talent and beauty, you are strong, you are strong, holiday honeymoon, Spring Festival wedding, happy life. The year of the dragon, the spring breeze, the year of the life, pray for peace, send blessings, the two children, the wedding, the birth of Longbao, double happiness, happy, I wish my friends happy, happy life, the year of the dragon! When the year of the Dragon arrives and the new year arrives, everything on the earth will be renewed: good metabolism, good health and good health; Newlyweds are good and have babies in the coming year; Good memories, happy memories; It's good to review the old and learn the new, and the career is advancing step by step! The road is long, the boat is long, the words are endless. The wind is soft, the moon is bright, loving life is true. The mountains are high and the water is rippling. It's hard to finish the sweet words of love. Flowers, rain, the ends of the earth with you. Blessing I heard that you are going to get married. I'll give you a hand! Seize the time to have a baby, how sweet a family of three! There are many trivial things in married life. Although the operation is hard, this is a happy home! It's said that you are going to get married and get married with a man named 'happiness'. The dowry is' ruyi', the dowry is' health ', the bridesmaid is' good luck'. It's also said that your future baby is' happy '. Wish you a happy life! It's the day of YingGeYanWu. When we meet the full moon, we have formed a happy and rich couple today. We have painted a beautiful picture all our life. We are both beautiful in appearance and soul. We have both talent and career. I wish you a happy life!