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2015 wedding wechat blessing

2015 wedding wechat blessing Red line brings happiness for you. Yuelao writes down the legend of love for you, Today, we plant sweet flowers and bloom firm and incomparable love, I wish you a happy wedding and a happy New Year! A good night with a full moon, and a good night with flowers and candles in the bridal chamber; My little brother sent a message to me, and I sent three blessings I wish: the joy of fish and water pottery, the game like a fairy free; Second, I wish: early birth of a noble son, early enjoyment of happiness, glory of the ancestors, good news; Three wishes: the love between husband and wife is like honey cake, and they will accompany each other all their life. Female + son = good, I wish you a good love and a good company in the future, Good understanding, good treatment, good tolerance, good deep love all over the world! Wedding message Happy wedding! May the joyful song accompany you forever, and may your married life be filled with joy and joy, Forever bathing in endless happy years. I wish you a happy wedding. Bless you in the name of love, may the flower of love bloom forever in your heart. In the name of years, I wish you all the best. May years go by and never change your love. Happy wedding! LIANLI millennium, Zhilan baishixin. In good times, the harp and the PIP play elegant music. The mandarin ducks are relatively happy, and the couple are respectful. Tongli creates new business, and haohele Changchun. Blessing: happy marriage for a long time, happy life for a long time. The music of passion starts to ring, and the gongs and drums of happiness start to beat. When friends and relatives make trouble, the bridegroom and bride worship. Finally open the lock of one heart and create the future with one heart and one mind. Everyone is envious of a good marriage, and a happy ending comes. Happy wedding! From then on, Biyi has two wings, and LIANLI now has a branch. Zither and song, mandarin duck habitat, concentric knot forever. Every day and night with shape and shadow, immortals envy a good partner! I wish you a happy wedding, a sweet love and a happy marriage. The Dragon flies and the Phoenix dances among the colorful clouds, and the mandarin ducks are playing in the water. Welcome to the wedding show. The plum blossoms in spring, the bride is gorgeous, and the rosy clouds reflect the prosperity of Chengtang. One heart, one heart, one heart, one heart, one heart, one heart. Wish you a happy New Year! I heard that you are going to have a wedding in a few days. I really want to attend, but due to work reasons, I can't attend your wedding, so I have to send my most sincere blessing through SMS channel: happy wedding and always smile! Paste red Hi, fireworks, salute; Light red candle, invite relatives and friends, gather friends. The auspicious day meets your good fortune, All the relatives and friends gathered together to pray for the new people to relay their happiness. I wish you a happy life! Sweet as honey, beautiful as jade, I wish you and Hemei the best. People or flowers, I wish you all the best. Happy new marriage, happy new year. Happy gongs and drums to celebrate the wedding, simple and exciting. Romantic zither and zither are given to new people, and matchmaking is made in heaven. Welcome suona high into the cloud, invited to Phoenix to make a wedding. The cup and plate are getting drunk. They are getting married. Wish you a happy New Year! Firecrackers, played a happy chapter, marriage, opened the prelude to happiness, toast, send my sincere wishes, I wish you a happy marriage, a happy marriage, a hundred years! Happy gongs and drums, red plum blossoming snow to celebrate the wedding. Rolls Royce red carpet, gun salute, hi earthquake. Elizabeth came to the party and David was the best man. How long will the world last? Let's see the sunset together. Best wishes for a century Life dream several times, Xiang lie is Xiang bin. Now my classmate is married, and I dream of taking a good step on the red carpet. Yan Xiao, a magpie in this life, celebrates, and smiles forever. Red lanterns hang high, congratulations on the wedding of Wahaha. I wish you a happy wedding and a happy New Year! Happy wedding, happy family, talented and beautiful beauty, a perfect combination of blessing, blessing congratulations warm ocean, wish friends: honey, love, happiness. Sweet honey, I wish you sweet honey: sweet love, close to each other; In a sweet mood, Happy accompanying; Sweet life, mutual support; The family is sweet and never leaves; Years of sweet, white head heart. It's a match made in heaven to celebrate the wedding. The bride looks like a fairy, but the groom is brilliant. The family members were happy and the relatives and friends congratulated each other. Flowers bloom and tie knot, dragon and phoenix dance in the world. I wish you a happy marriage and a long life together! Tianxiang biyiniao, the ground is LIANLI branch; In the bibotan, there are lotus and mandarin ducks on the water; Guests repeatedly praise, Lang Jun's new wife is virtuous; A hundred years of love can match the gods, and flowers and candles can show their beauty. Heaven and earth are happy to see the plum blossom blossom, and the host and guest are happy to see the new couple coming. The red lotus blossoms in the sun, and their partners are happy to fly together, I have a good marriage with you for a long time. I wish you a happy marriage. Tianwai Feixian came to cheer and congratulate the wedding. The warm current rushes into the sea, every drop is love. Huatuan brocade people welcome new people, and gongs, drums and suonas echo each other. When the bride comes out of the sedan chair, she is dressed in red and looks like a fairy. The bridegroom goes out to welcome Sai Dong Yong, with candlelight on the four handed platform. Handsome men and beautiful women light up a bright future. I wish you that the mandarin ducks will never leave and the flowers and butterflies will fly and dance. The bridal chamber is full of flowers and candles, and the love is always with you. Mandarin duck weaving on the desire to fly, a phoenix and a phoenix to celebrate the wedding. The two flowers are in the same heart, and the two pools reflect the moon. Guests from all over the world gathered and loved each other. Three gun salutes invite Xiangyun, and happiness enters the family. Happy wedding! New bed, new quilt, new house, new look for new people. The house is full of joy and the bride and groom are happy. Friends and relatives make their bridal chamber noisy. Red dates, lotus seeds and peanuts are good for the baby in the coming year. I wish you all the time and have a noble son! I want to help you personally, I want to toast you, I want to buy a BMW to give you a gift, I want to send a villa to bless you, but I am not with you at the moment. May my blessing span thousands of rivers and mountains, and give you sincere and pure wishes: happy marriage, sweet love, happy marriage, early birth and noble son! Magpie branches make trouble, good news spread. At present, all the guests are here. Salute into the sky, singing around. The bride looks pretty, but the groom is happy. I'm happy to tie the knot with you. I'm only willing to be with you in this life. Happy wedding, honey! It's so lively to meet the new people with firecrackers. Spring breeze and warm bath Yuanyang, moon Qinghui knot. Endless shame worship heaven and earth, full of joy thank guests. One life sentimentally attached to one life, life together, life love. I wish you a happy new marriage, love, white Prime Minister lead. Who is worse in the red gauze tent. In the end of time, heaven and earth are inseparable. Happy wedding When the time is right, the place is right and the people are right. The country is strong and the family is prosperous, Best wishes to a good couple. The beautiful flowers, the full moon and the beautiful Chen show that the heart has a spiritual love. It's a perfect combination. It's a hundred years' sleep, They are tolerant and take care of each other. They are born with talented people and beautiful women. They only admire mandarin ducks but not immortals. Friends, I wish you a sweet wedding! Birthday greetings It's a perfect match. At the moment, it's a complete interpretation of the beauty of new people; Set up a pair of ground, accompanied by festive overflow the whole bridal chamber; It's the love between the two that never ends; I wish you a happy new marriage and a long life together! The title of the golden list has been on for many years, and the wedding is just tonight. A hundred years together, shoulder to shoulder, a total of Chan Juan. Happy wedding A pair of mandarin ducks, a couple of flowers in the new year's day, are in pairs, Honey, a hundred year old husband and wife, happy in heaven, happy in earth, happy in people, happy in things, happy in things, happy in everything. May your love be more beautiful than beauty; More fragrant than cream oil; It's sweeter than honey dripping from the hive; And more precious than the most precious treasure May your love life be like the fruit of fig tree; And as the vine blossoms and perfumes, As a witness of the sweet smell of Christ, and with the firmaments of heaven, day by day and night, the work and glory of God! Paste red Hi, fireworks, salute; Light red candle, invite relatives and friends, gather friends. On the auspicious day, you will have a good relationship. All your relatives and friends will gather together to pray for the new couple's happiness, Wish you a happy life! Because of predestination, so predestination; Because there is a share, all do not divide; Because of love, all dependence; Because of love, so warm; Because happy, so happy. Wish you hand in hand life wind and rain, never leave! Send a bunch of fire lilies to you, I wish you a happy life; Send a bunch of red roses to you, I wish your love red and beautiful forever; Send a bunch of camellia to you, wish you true love forever; Send a bunch of don't forget me to you, wish you true love forever, the most important is don't forget me. Hand over a wing, angel new swallow, after flying together in the blue sky; Each hand in his true feelings, Immortal partner, later common love in the world; I hand over a dime, wish you a happy wedding, a hundred years! The bride must be beautiful, the groom must be cool, the smoke and sugar must be poured, the champagne and beer must be flying, Salute rose will bloom, banquet will make me blush, good happiness and health will always be! Envy you, from the initial love to heart to heart, make an oath to promise a lifetime of loyalty; Congratulations, from the field of love into the palace of marriage, with the sweet bell of happiness; Bless you, From the ordinary warmth to the white head's inseparability, I count the happiness and see the whole family. Happy wedding, old friend.