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Daily blessings among friends

daily greetings among friends Counting the past, I have had laughter, tears and precious memories. Friends don't lie in how many, sincerity is good. There are few real confidants in my life, only you! The icing on the cake is a friend, a friend in the snow, a brother in both fortune and difficulty, a confidant with a heart of wisdom, a confidant in my life, you are my confidant. Wish is the wind, happiness is the sail, happiness is the boat, wish the wind blowing happy sail, carrying a happy boat, floating to you, send you all the happiness in the world, only wish you can have a carefree life! Gently dial your number, let you know my arrival; Slowly release my blessing, let you feel my existence. Let the wind send my heart, let the stars pass my greetings, I hope you every day fast happy. When you turn on the machine in the morning, you can see my blessing to you, a rose in your heart, which brings you the good luck of the day. My missing for you is like a curl of smoke, and my blessing for you is like a gurgling stream. Without you, I will cherish more; Take care of yourself when you have no money; In the days without love, please stay with me! I can't understand the myriad of thoughts, I can't see through the lake, I can't see through the distance, I can't change the moon night, I can't give up the deep love, I can't put down the endless hanging. The stars are still bright, the passion is still burning. I exist because I have dreams. You do not hesitate to be young in your field, and I am indefatigable on my way. You come, opened my dust laden memory; You go, leaving me endless thoughts of you; I will not blame you, in my memory you are my forever memory, cherish, friend! Less reason, more magnanimity, sweeter mouth, less temper, faster action, higher efficiency, more smile and more brains. Gather the sunshine of Himalayas, gather the breeze of the ends of the earth, bless the Gangdise mountains, and absorb the wealth of Bill Gates. I give it to you as a gift. I wish you happiness every day! You don't have to have many friends; Don't worry too much, just be emotional; Don't want to say too much, just let you know: nice to meet you! Love blessing Friends may not be reasonable, but they must be intimate; Not necessarily inseparable, but we must cherish each other; It may not be icing on the cake, but it must be timely; I don't have to contact you often, but I have to hang up Keep that in mind! A friend is the one who forgets when you are happy, the one who looks for when you are sad, the one who doesn't look at you when you are defeated, the one who still calls you the same when you are promoted! Friends are always heart to heart, intimate friends are worth a lot of money, think of good friends under the light, send good news by small SMS, hope friends see news, just like meeting people, never forget friends' heart. Thousands of mountains and rivers are hard to give gifts. I wish you health and beauty by sending a clockwork message. The God of wealth takes a fancy to you, and hundreds of millions of money follow you. Friends always bless you. Fill a car with happiness, let go of all troubles, let happiness embrace you, store all warmth, drive away the cold, release the true feelings of life, let happiness smile to you forever, wish you a happy New Year! Open the message, open my blessing to you, fold the blessing into a boat, full of happiness, good luck, smile, peace, with the golden river, slowly flow to your side! Happy to enter 2014! *** In the coldest moment, with the hottest language, with the most concise words to express the most abundant emotions, let the most pleasant radio wave convey the best wishes - Happy New Year's Day! Peace all the year round!