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Blessing to friends on May Day

greetings to friends on May Day In a book, I said, look, look, the money is here. When may day comes, I send you a heartfelt prayer and blessing. I sincerely wish you and your family a happy Labor Day! The work of bees brings the fragrance of flowers; The labor of spring silkworm brings exquisite clothes; Your labor brings good hope. Labor Day is coming. May your life shine with labor! May day blessing Let the busy work off, let all day long hard pause, for the body's energy charging, let the tired mood breathing. Labor day, international, may day, we have to rest. Happy holidays! Dear, on the special day of May Day, in the face of you working hard day and night, I am deeply ashamed to make a difficult decision: in order to continue to enjoy your service in the future, I am at your disposal this holiday! The spring breeze welcomes the labor day. After the holidays, we should be more happy. We should be more relaxed and healthy. We should enjoy more family happiness. We should throw away more worries and worries. We should wish more happiness and happiness on the labor day. May day, you may as well go out for a walk. You may as well relax your breath, go to the gorgeous sunshine, give your yellow mind to the flowing water, and pay attention to the distant mist! Long live labor! With their own hands to create brilliant, to the most beloved people with happiness! Happy May Day wish you: pursue a true love, find a close friend, realize a dream, take care of a family, and treat me to a big meal. May day, you might as well go out for a walk. You may as well relax your breath, go to the gorgeous sunshine, give your yellow mind to the flowing water, and pay attention to the far away mist. I hear that you have a heavy burden on your shoulders, and you have been busy all the time. I wish you a happy life, a healthy body and mind, and a smooth life. Poor mobile phone users, very sorry, because you confirmed this message, infected may day labor bacteria. Now bacteria are walking through your body with vigorous steps May day, may the sunshine shine happiness to you, may the moonlight reflect happiness to you, may the starlight radiate good luck to you, may the light shine good luck to you, may the SMS send blessing to you, may day labor day, may you always be happy and smile. Blessing message There are many good things in labor day, such as sightseeing, relaxing, combining work and rest, happiness, SMS blessing to you, wish you all the best, good luck and good luck, happiness in May Day. Put aside the worries of work, put aside the pressure of career for the time being, and go with happiness. Go between the mountains and rivers and relax yourself. I wish you a happy may day. Send a text message to you, success belongs to you, happy smile with you, health and longevity think of you, finally the key to inform you, God of wealth grandfather also want to see you! happy International Workers ' Day! I wish you a happy May Day: double your bonus, develop your career, boost your popularity, be healthy, and love the beautiful women around you Your face is more beautiful than Chen Shimei, and your eyes are brighter than Zhuge Liang; My love is deeper than Lu Zhishen, my love is longer than Guan Yunchang, but my promise is more empty than Monkey King. happy International Workers ' Day I hear that you are shouldering the heavy burden, and you have been working hard all the time. I sincerely hope that in your busy schedule, you can live a happy life, keep your body and mind healthy, and do everything smoothly; Happy May Day & hellip; No matter how high the sky is, how deep the sea is, how hard the steel is, how strong the wind is, how long the feet are, how wide the river is, how strong the wine is, how cold the ice is, and how hot the fire is& hellip; I just want to tell you, it's none of your business! happy International Workers ' Day I always want to say a word to you, but you know its weight. Once you say it, maybe we can't even make friends, but I can't control my feelings! Now I have the courage to say to you: when do you invite me to dinner?