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More classic blessing messages to friends

classic blessing message for friends Warm spring season, I wish you smile confidence; In the blooming season, may you be happy; Bright night, wish you a brilliant career. Special spring, special miss, special blessing, wish you happiness every day! If the heart is the nearest, then no matter how far the road is short, if happiness is made of honey, then no matter how bitter the sea is, it is also sweet. If you receive my information, then today's you are happy no matter how tired you are! If you have a friend in your heart, your heart will fly; Have a hope in the heart, smile will be fresh; Life has a fate, the dream will be long; Always have a greeting, friendship will set sail! Sometimes for a song and tears, because emotional. Sometimes the memory as a habit, because miss. Sometimes I will send a short message to you, because I care about you. I wish you happiness every day! Butterfly said: there is a kind of grass in the world, as long as you look for it carefully, you can forget your troubles; There is a kind of love in the world, as long as you feel it with your heart, happiness will exist & hellip; The busy life takes away only time, always pay attention to the concern of friends! Looking for a scenery, watching the changes of cloud catkins, looking for a tea house, tasting the elegance of life, meeting a friend, laughing about the gains and losses of life, only the true feelings in the world will never fade, don't forget to care for yourself and friends when you are busy! A warm, a sweet, a bag of happiness, a bucket of health, a box of peace, a lot of happiness, a grain of love, plus my full blessing, wish you happy every day! A fallen leaf flutters in front of your eyes, with the slight yellow of autumn, with the fragrance of mountains, with the sustenance of clouds, with the dream of midsummer, with the ease of return, gently bring you a peace: frost has fallen, remember to add clothes! Qingming Festival blessing message Wake up in the morning, dream is still in, cold is too cold, path side, decaying grass yellow, willow green, busy work, work chaos, Pinghu autumn moon with, sunset beauty, deep friendship, long blessing If the wind blows over the water, white clouds take pictures of mountains, as long as there is a sincere and friendly heart, warmth will ripple at any time. Happiness is the spring of autumn; Happiness is the rain in autumn; Happiness is the fragrance of autumn; Happiness is the autumn wind, I send you the autumn wind, autumn rain, autumn fruit, autumn spring will accompany you through the golden autumn every day! I click the whole autumn to see your smile; I copy your smiling face and paste it in my heart; I download my missing and save it forever; I open the mobile phone to give you the best wishes: Happy autumn! One night, the mountain is closed to autumn, and the setting sun is full of blood like maple. Flying south and wild geese in the north with the wind, the morning flowers with thick dew. Wanli River tianzhuan sent a message, a warm and cold to tell the truth. Life several times hurt the past, bleak autumn wind is always close to love. If happiness can be bottled, I will fill it up and give you a bottle every day; If happiness can be written by SMS, I will write it to you every hour! I wish you happiness every day! Send you violet, wish you a life without trouble; Send you carnation, wish you a more warm life; Send you yellow rose, wish you happy and rich; Send you Trumpet Flower, wish you have money to spend every day; Send you new information, wish you a sweet life! Little mountain, little water, little eyes drunk for you; Little star, little moon, little dream to see you; Little wind, little rain, little infatuation all because of you; Little love, little love, little Acacia, so helpless! I wish you happiness! Good rain gives birth to a hundred grains, and good friends always bless you! May you step into the rainy season with health, peace, happiness, happiness, sweetness, fortune and auspiciousness, and spend every happy day. Every day, I hope you are happy and auspicious, every hour, I hope you are safe and smooth, every minute, I hope you can have what you want, every second, I wish you have my best wishes! I hope you are happy every day! Always smile! What is a friend? A friend is the one who accompanies you when you are sad, the one who helps you when you are in trouble, so remember to have this friend waiting for you, thinking about you and blessing you when you are in a bad mood! The autumn wind is not up, the autumn leaves are not down, the autumn air is crisp, and the autumn color is pleasant. Seven days' rest can mediate body and mind. I sincerely wish the whole family happiness and good luck. Autumn is a good season. Why do spring flowers bloom? Who do summer leaves shade? In this harvest season, don't forget to harvest fruits! But the biggest fruit is the ethereal heart, remember to pick it up! Maybe a dime can't buy fragrant roses, maybe a dime can't buy bitter coffee, maybe a dime can't buy sweet chocolate, but a dime can convey my blessing to you! It's cold. Take care of yourself! Gusts of autumn wind, bring a little cool, warm day and cold night, pay attention to the body! If you receive a blessing on this day, you will be in a good mood in autumn, you will often be seen in the dark, and your career will be full of glory in spring and fruit in autumn, so you can send the coolest blessing: health and happiness! Not because of busy and distant, not because of the erosion of time and forget you, autumn flowers, winter snow, summer and autumn, although the season has changed, my concern has not changed, wish you have a fruitful autumn.