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Tanabata love message, love you forever

Tanabata love message, love you forever, cowherd one year watch in Tanabata, Weaver Girl four seasons reverie in Tanabata, magpie flying joy in Tanabata, Galaxy flowing deep love in Tanabata, love good example in Tanabata, blessing happiness feeling in Tanabata, wish you happy Tanabata. Tanabata is coming. Please pay attention; Implicit point to send flowers and plants; The lively ones run around; Affordable point of drink enough to eat; Dance with enthusiasm; A romantic cuddle; The timid wind up short message is good! Wife is a tree, lover is grass. Plant a big tree and a piece of grass. Hold the tree firmly and protect the grass well. Enjoy the cool under the trees and walk the birds on the grass. Harmonious society, green environmental protection. Scientific love, comprehensive coordination. Good Valentine's Day! Valentine's day I just want to say to you: I don't love you, it's impossible; It's unreasonable that I don't hurt you; I don't want you, it's more unjust than Dou E; I can't do it without texting you. Happy Chinese Valentine's Day! Love does not need the solemn and stirring of butterfly, but the tacit understanding of heart; Love does not need the following of male and female, but the support of each other; Love doesn't need the promise of vows, it needs to pay close attention and keep in touch. Happy Tanabata! The seventh day of July is the seventh day of the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. I wish you all the best in your life. July 7 is the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. The Cowherd and the weaver girl will meet at the magpie dike. The magic message will send you first. Receiving love will be sweet. Storing feelings will be more resolute. Forwarding family will add harmony. Even if it's OK to delete it, life will be as happy as you want! Tanabata blessing message Tanabata arrived, you do not quickly admit your mistake to me! Who let you invade my inner realm without authorization, no reason to occupy my missing highland, and don't ask me to spend Tanabata together! You are at the other end of the river, I am at the other end of the river, missing is buried in my heart. You are at the other end of the bridge, I am at the other end of the bridge, and joy surges into my heart. Love in this end, love in that end, you in my heart. Dear, Tanabata I wait for you! On behalf of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl in the sky, Chang'e, jade rabbit, the Jade Emperor, the queen mother and the 28th constellation, I would like to say: happy holidays to all the friends who are fighting in the front line of love and will enter the front line of love. Tanabata to commemorate the 1314 anniversary of Niulang and Zhinv's meeting at magpie bridge, I have planted a love dregs tree, using fate as seed, watering with sincerity, fertilizing with care, taking care of all my life. Your name is engraved on the tree! In the mathematics of love, there is no alternation of odd and even, only in pairs; The mechanics of love, there is no positive and negative balance, only gravity; The grammar of love, there is no third person, just me and you. Tanabata Festival, the most invincible love! Today, I calculated that my love for you is only a hundred catties. Because of weighing, my weight is 100 Jin. Don't be too little, it's all my body and mind. Tanabata is coming. May my love make you more happy and beautiful. Tanabata Festival, holding a silver river, let love flow; Go back to Magpie Bridge Road, let Acacia long; Say a sweet word and treasure you forever. Tanabata, love you forever^ Please turn on your mobile phone gently, read the information slowly, smile quietly and miss me everyday. Romantic festival is coming, my love is in the dribs, I wish you a happy Tanabata Festival! I look forward to the feeling of heart, the feeling of seeing you at first sight makes me hate to see you late. Meeting you is the most beautiful picture. Deeply concerned, buried in the faint memory, stir the heartstrings of love with romance. Tanabata is coming, let me give you sticky sweet! Tanabata message dear Zhinu: Tanabata Valentine's Day is coming. May we hold high the great banner of spoony with Chinese characteristics, carry forward the fine tradition of magpie bridge meeting, keep the world love online, and work together to create a new situation of love. Dear cowherd. A simple and honest old cow witnessed the myth of love. A wide galaxy, surging with love. A romantic magpie bridge, reposing endless Acacia. Meet Tanabata, cowboy call weaving girl, old place see! Joy is because of you, sadness is because of you. No matter night or day, what I miss is you. You are in charge of the beauty of my world. I love you all my life. Tanabata Festival is coming, let our love be sweet forever. Reason is a useless pot cover, the boiling water of emotion can wash it away at any time, because the dry wood of love is burning at the bottom of the pot. Tanabata Festival is coming, show your love, I wish you love happy, love wonderful, love life and death! Fate is an odd number, waiting for another odd number to form an even number. Tanabata Festival, is willing to or odd number of you, as soon as possible off the single; Already is even number you, happy sweet!