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Love blessing words - caring for your girlfriend on a hot summer day

love blessing Summer is hot and dry. Replenish water timely and appropriately to make body and mind full of vitality. A cup of fresh water in the morning to prevent cerebral thrombosis. Most of the drinks contain electrolytes, causing gastrointestinal disorders. Drink two thousand fresh water a day, and your body will be healthy. It's hot in summer without me to shade you. You must pay attention to your body. It's sunny in summer, and the sun is red in half of the sky. SMS send refreshing, friends blessing to the side. Take care of your body and sweat more. The revolutionary cause is in full swing. Worry aside, happiness boundless! Happy summer! Summer is coming, hot weather will always make people inexplicably upset, if you are not happy, remember that I still miss you, I hope you will always be happy. Missing sour plum, greeting spring, sour plum soup, cool and intoxicated, fragrant, deep friendship without regret, drive away the heat, usher in the bud of friendship, bloom the blessing of summer, other beauty, I wish a happy summer. If you care Time makes friendship warm up; Years, let friendship ferment; Memory, let the beautiful frame; Missing, let the mind flutter; Friends, let the heart warm; Greetings, let the wish come true. Friends, just wish you every day, happy forever! Pay attention to your health when the weather changes! Every spray of life has a halo of happiness; Every step of life, there are wonderful moments; Every color of life has a gorgeous chapter; Every greeting from a friend has deep friendship. Friends, I wish you well, always happy! Pay attention to your health when the weather changes! Leap April, send you sweetheart, moisten love; Send you pure heart, moisten busy; Send you love, nourish the suffering; Send you sincerely, moisten for a long time; Send you meticulously, moisten career; Send you happy, moisten joy. Send you wholeheartedly, moisten happiness ten thousand years. Pay attention to your health when the weather changes! Warm tips: the weather turns cold, the human body function drops, the human body cells are frequently frozen. In view of this, the special launch of the warm fingers action. Please forward this message to activate your fingers and activate the heating system; At the same time with a greeting let family and friends deeply, body temperature gradually increased. The more the message is delivered, the farther away the body will be from the cold winter, and finally the blood will be boiling, so as to keep warm. Women think of a man, perhaps because of a word, a song, a promise. Men think, perhaps because of a kiss, a dance, a farewell. This warm message reminds you of me - it's cold, get dressed Gently, my text message came, just as it walked (out of my mobile phone), it shook the screen, did not take away a dime ~ ~ ~ just to tell you: cold air really came, and not just gently How long can a cloud last? How long can a shower last? How long can a bunch of flowers bloom? How long can a smile last? If you ask me how long I wish you? I said: heartbeat how long, blessing how long! happy International Workers ' Day! You have angel like face, devil like body, even your farting posture is so perfect. Can you control the rhythm in public? happy International Workers ' Day! Summer care greeting message Summer is coming in a hurry, the sun is shining, greetings are winding quietly, boredom is throwing away gently, the summer is gradually disappearing, happy and tight embrace, good luck is rushing to catch up, wish you in this summer, free and carefree. My greetings, is that ice cream, melt in your mouth, sweet in your stomach, cool in your heart. I hope you beat back the high temperature, let go of the happiness, make life interesting, smile beautiful every day! Pay attention to your health when the weather changes! Hot days, send you popsicles, love in the cool; Cold day, send you stove, love in the warmth; Sick, give you pills, love in care; Lonely, miss you, love in missing. I love you for a long time. Qixi Festival SMS When it's hot, I'm afraid of blocking your heart if I say tasteless words, I'm afraid of heatstroke if I say warm words, I'm afraid of suffering if I say missing words, I'm afraid of soil if I say blessing words, so I'd like to say something cool. I wish you a cool summer: calm and cool, take care. Don't forget to drink porridge when it's hot, it won't be uncomfortable in the dog days; Mung bean porridge in addition to upset thirst, lotus seed porridge Yixin Qinghuo; Red bean and jujube can promote blood circulation and Qi, and banana porridge can clear away heat and toxin; Porridge should not be too salty, easy to drink in summer. The weather is so hot, we must take care of ourselves, do not get heatstroke, otherwise I will be distressed! The sky is vast, the night is vast, the night of power failure sweats wet clothes. Mosquito bite, itch back, can't find mosquito incense worry heartbroken. Want to drink cold, cool heart, and the air conditioning good time. Want to shower, get out of bed, fell and hit the doorframe. The brain is dizzy, the heart is flustered, the day twists and turns paralyzed ground, how does this do? I heard a thief in the aisle! Knife light flash, I tremble, a cold sweat dream finished, eh, summer I'm teasing you! Ordinary heart can let you take things as they are, tolerant heart can let you ignore the ugliness of the world, grateful heart can let you cherish all, peaceful heart can let you have no desire, now, the summer is hot, I send you a meditation, let you stay away from the disturbance, spend the whole summer quietly! A friend is the charcoal sent in the snow, a friend is the electric fan in the hot summer, a friend is the sail of the retrograde ship, and a friend is a sweet spring in the desert. Thank you for being by my side when I was in trouble. Your friendship with me heats up in the sun, falls on the beach, washes in the shower and arouses in the summer night. Only for the missing of the heart, send a deep blessing, wish you: a cool summer! A cup of herbal tea, calm a few, do not move is not urgent, everywhere mood. Enjoy one from, heart add joy, slow thinking, no lack of efficiency. Wisdom to grasp the mood, temperature can be adjusted, I wish you a happy summer! Ice cream melts the heat of summer, and lemon juice sweetens the bitterness of work; Green tea to cool, Sprite heart cool; Wind blowing, hair floating, raindrops, umbrella love. Give you the pure and deep breath like lavender, the quiet and pleasant breath like lemon, the graceful and smooth breath like perilla, and the coolest wind in this season. Wish you a fresh summer! The Miss woven into a Pufan, in the hot summer for you to fan a fresh, with a cold ice cold, in the hot season for you to send cool infinite, hot summer, I wish you a refreshing summer, happy summer!