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Lantern Festival blessings for lovers

Lantern Festival blessings for lovers The first couplet: iron pot, steel pot, non stick pot, hot pot after boiling dumplings roll to attract fortune. The second couplet: dragon lantern, palace lantern, horse lantern. When the lantern is on, the sound of firecrackers sends out the Spring Festival. Wish you a happy Lantern Festival! Tangyuan. Sincere heart in the experience of rolling. Even if go through fire and water, several ups and downs, sweet to the world. We taste the Tangyuan and feel the bitterness and sweetness of life. Happy Lantern Festival! Have you eaten Tangyuan? I use very sincere, nine sincere, eight love, seven comfortable, six comfortable, five happy, four careful, three attentive, two childlike, one dedicated to cook a bowl of dumplings for you, I wish happy Lantern Festival, always happy! In the Lantern Festival wish you: like the Lantern Festival, round, white, sweet so lovely! Blessing across thousands of rivers and mountains, the sky is also far away from the highland, contains a strong sincere emotion, to be sent to you before the Lantern Festival, with my greetings and care, I wish you in advance: Happy Lantern Festival, happy! A complete collection of love stories True feelings do skin, true heart do stuffing, with the fire of enthusiasm to cook, this dumpling call do sincere blessing, blessed taste only friends; Wish: Happy Lantern Festival! Happy family! Bright future! The lanterns are dazzling and the fireworks are in full bloom; Eat a bowl of dumplings, reunion, sweet in the heart quietly exhibition; Lantern Festival gathered together, friends and family wish: Happy Lantern Festival, happiness and good luck forever! The bright moon shines in Kyushu and stars dot the Milky way; Lantern auspicious light add festive, dumplings roll to celebrate reunion; Fireworks add happiness, SMS add friendship; Happy Lantern Festival! For you, I can do anything: I'm willing to accompany Wu Gang to cut down trees, run naked on the moon, and dance on Mars. If you invite me to dinner, I'll show you hellip today& hellip; Eat yuanxiao My lantern festival message, the people who received are complacent, the people who read work smoothly, the people who store love sweetly, the people who forward are lucky, the people who delete are still lucky, I wish you a happy Lantern Festival! Imperial edict to: Fengtian carrier, the emperor called said: because you owe me thirty cents last year's Lantern Festival has not yet returned, you are not allowed to shit for three days, no paper with shit, with paper less than three feet, until suffocated! Thank you for your paper! Lantern Festival is a good new year. It's hot in your hand. I wish you happiness and good luck. The Lantern Festival is a wonderful year. Another beautiful moon, another Yuanxiao Festival, another missing night, another sincere blessing. Wish: round and round! sweet and happy! Shun Shun Li! healthy! I hope you will be happy every day for 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes! Happy holidays! Yuanxiao Yuanxiao less yuanxiao, three or five Yuanxiao stomach. Don't be greedy tonight. I wish you a happy night! Drive away the sadness in the heart, embrace the sweetness; Expel the fatigue of work and let leisure replace it; Forget the troubles of life, and spread good luck. I wish you happiness and good dreams during the Lantern Festival! Blessing of Lantern Festival Send you a bowl of dumplings, may your love lick sweet honey; Send you a lantern, hope your career is smooth; Send you a heart, I wish you a happy holiday! Lantern Festival reunion, eat a bowl of soup, sweet heart; Li Li Tang is round and round, which means a more complete life; Life from then on less lonely, family happy reunion; Family and friends get together and have a good time. Happy Lantern Festival! New Year greeting The lights on the banks of the Qinhuai River, the bright light in Guanghan palace, and the sweet Lantern Festival are all my sincere wishes to you. Happy Lantern Festival. Dumplings for the Lantern Festival: care for the skin, care for the stuffing, add some sweetness, cook warm, contain peace, contain Ruyi, taste lucky. Yuanxiao Festival presents you the glutinous rice balls, wishes you to eat the health good luck! Lantern Festival is coming, the State Council issued five bans: prohibit pretending to be busy ignoring me; Don't get rich, forget me; Don't help me when I'm in trouble; No eating, no calling me; Don't miss me in your spare time; We should pay close attention to the implementation! You know what? It's a good omen to steal other people's things on the night of the Lantern Festival. If you don't marry a girl, you have to steal other people's onion vegetables, because as the saying goes: steal onion, marry a good man; He who steals vegetables marries a good son-in-law. A good friend is a dream, always thinking about it; Good friends are predestined friends; A good friend is a blessing. Good friends wish you: happy health, happiness forever! The most wonderful experience in life is to have a dialogue with the people you admire the most -- such as the breeze, the moon, the still water, the deep water, the unremarkable, but unforgettable! Take advantage of the Lantern Festival to talk about my heart.