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What is the custom of "biting spring"?

in addition to the custom of whipping cattle, there is also the custom of "biting spring". What's the meaning of "biting spring" on spring day? Let's talk about the custom of "biting spring" on spring day.

To set up spring day and "bite spring" is a unique custom in China

The fourth day of the lunar calendar is the beginning of spring. On this day, Chinese people are used to eating radish, ginger, scallion and pasta, which is called "biting spring". But different customs have different manifestations.

The earliest records show that spring cakes are eaten in biting spring. People should eat some fresh vegetables on the day of spring, which is not only to prevent diseases, but also to welcome the Spring Festival. In the four seasons mirror of the Tang Dynasty, it is recorded that 'in the beginning of spring, eat reed, spring cake and lettuce, No. & lsquo; dish & rsquo;. 'it can be seen that people in Tang Dynasty began to try spring dishes and eat spring cakes.

The so-called spring cake, also known as lotus leaf cake, is actually a kind of hot pancake - two small pieces of water surface are used to spread oil in the middle to make pancakes, which can be uncoiled into two pieces after being baked and used to roll vegetables.

On the first day of spring, radish is another kind of food for Chinese people to bite spring. Because radish is spicy, take the meaning of the ancients' bite the grass root, then everything can be done '. In old Beijing, from the early morning of this day, someone was carrying a load and yelling in the alley: 'radish Saili & hellip; & hellip;' at that time, even the poorest people would buy a radish for their children to bite spring.