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Do you know the custom of "whip cattle" in spring?

the beginning of spring is around February 4 every year, so what's the custom in the beginning of spring? Read and talk with you about the custom of "whip the cattle" in the beginning of spring.

"Whip the cattle" in spring reflects the expectation of a good harvest

According to experts, on the first day of spring, folk custom worships the God of Mang, that is, Gou mang. It is the God of the East, the God of spring, the God of plants and trees, symbolizing the arrival of spring and the growth of all things. The purpose of this sacrifice is to pray for the harvest of agriculture.

Experts said that on the first day of spring, people have the custom of "whip spring" and "whip spring", that is, whip spring cattle, which reflects people's good expectations for a good harvest.

The custom of spring fighting originated from the imperial palace. It is said that on the day of spring, both inside and outside the Imperial Palace, it should be regarded as a festival, which is to be celebrated ceremoniously. The earliest time to start spring is to smash the clay sculptured spring cattle in front of the imperial palace. In the book of Kyoto customs, it is recorded that in front of the palace, there are mang gods in the East and spring cattle in the West. After finishing the ceremony, the soldiers were burning, so it was called "spring fighting";. At that time, people snatched the pieces of spring cattle home, as a symbol of auspiciousness. On the first day of spring, in the temple fair of old Beijing, the emperor's calendar is usually sold together with the picture of the ox selling in spring. The man in front of the picture of the ox in spring draws the God of Mang. In general, people will invite the pictures of spring cattle home, which means the same as the fragments of spring cattle taken home. They pray to themselves, and spring God and spring cattle are the blessings of the year.

Now, there is no longer a whip spring activity in the city, but some rural areas still have the custom of beating spring cattle. Before spring, a cow is made of clay, which is called a spring cow. Women carry their children around the spring cattle for three times. In the old days, they didn't suffer from diseases. Now it has become entertainment.