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Does the police station rest on National Day in 2015

The police station is a department closely related to people's life. National Day is coming, and there are many friends who are going to get a license to get married or move their Hukou during the National Day holiday. At this time, we are going to ask, does the national day police station work? Don't worry, please read it.

National Day is one of the legal holidays in China, which is 3 days (October 1, 2 and 3) and 7 days (October 1 to October 7). As for the national day police station does not work, study abroad network editor definitely told you: National Day police station does not work, but there will be someone on duty.

As for the services handled by the police station on duty during the national day, you can call the 114 hotline to inquire about the local police station's phone number, and then you can remove your doubts from the phone.