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Onlookers: Qingming Festival folk customs you don't know very well

The famous poem about Qingming must be at your fingertips. In addition to paying homage to the ancestors, what other festival customs can Qingming have? Cuju, outing and kite flying are all the main customs in this period of time. Today we are going to find the origin of these customs from the history! Sihainet read a new interpretation of Qingming Festival customs. The customs and habits in the Qing and Ming Dynasties

1. Cuju

Ju is a kind of leather ball. The ball skin is made of leather and the ball is stuffed with fur. Cuju is to play football with your feet. This is a kind of game that people loved in ancient Qingming Festival. According to legend, it was invented by the Yellow Emperor and was originally used to train warriors. Four seas Reading 2. Outing

It's also called spring outing. In ancient times, it was called exploring spring, seeking spring, etc. In March, when spring returns to the earth, there is a lively scene in nature, which is a good time for outing. Chinese people have been keeping the habit of Qingming outing for a long time. Four seas reading

3. Planting trees

Before and after the Qingming Festival, when the spring sun is shining, the spring rain is flying, the survival rate of planting seedlings is high and the growth is fast. Therefore, since ancient times, our country has the habit of planting trees in Qingming. Some people also call Qingming Festival "Arbor Day". The custom of planting trees has been handed down to this day. In 1979, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress stipulated that March 12 is the tree planting day in China. It is of great significance to mobilize the people of all ethnic groups to actively carry out the activities of greening the motherland. Four seas reading

4. Flying kites

It's also a favorite activity in Qingming. During the Qingming Festival, people not only put it in the daytime, but also at night. At night, a string of small colorful lanterns, like twinkling stars, is hung under the kite or on the wind stable cable, known as the "magic lamp". In the past, when some people put kites into the blue sky, they cut the strings and let the breeze send them to the ends of the earth. It is said that this can eliminate diseases and disasters and bring good luck to themselves. Four seas reading

Behind the seemingly ordinary human activities of Qingming Festival, it actually represents that people are continuing the tradition, and then the tradition continues to carry forward.