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2015 National Day Express Free

With the coming of national day, there will be another round of returning home and visiting relatives. Many car owners will be concerned about whether the expressway is free on national day. The small edition of will bring the situation that the expressway is free on National Day this year. More holiday information on holiday channel

2014 National Day Express Free

From the perspective of the perpetual calendar, this year's National Day is October 1, 2015, Wednesday, August 19 of the lunar calendar, which is the 66th anniversary of the founding of our country!

National Day Express Free

The National Day expressway is free.

According to the perpetual calendar of, the National Day holiday in 2015 is 7 days off, that is, October 1 (Thursday) - October 7 (Wednesday).

The free schedule of 2015 holiday expressway is as follows: