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How to choose moon cakes for Mid Autumn Festival

How to choose moon cakes for Mid Autumn Festival? How to choose moon cakes for Mid Autumn Festival

Check. Check the label and mark of the product. First, check whether the name and address of the manufacturer are indicated. In addition, it is also necessary to check the production date, shelf life, and whether the product execution standard and net content are indicated. When purchasing moon cakes, it is recommended that consumers go to the regular shopping malls, supermarkets or manufacturers to buy them, whether they buy them in boxes or in bulk.

Look. Look at shape, color and organization. The moon cake with good quality shall be complete and plump in shape, slightly bulging on the surface, with distinct edges and corners, without concave bottom, shrinkage, filling exposure or rupture. When purchasing moon cakes, don't over pursue the freshness of the products. Don't think that the closer to the production date, the better. Even hope that the products produced on that day, such as cantonese moon cakes, are just hard to produce, so generally there should be a "return oil period" to eat better.

Product. Taste and taste. The fresh and pure moon cake should have the taste and flavor of the variety, without peculiar smell. Fresh keeping: low temperature, cool and ventilated moon cakes are rich in oil and sugar. If they are kept for a long time, they will lose their color, fragrance and taste. If they are exposed to heat and damp, they are prone to mildew and deterioration, and food poisoning.

Selection of high quality moon cakes

Check the integrity of the packaging, observe the apparent location of the package, indicate the true properties of the product, indicate all the raw and auxiliary materials that are consumed in the order of consumption, indicate the colors, flavors, preservatives, net contents, ingredients list, factory name, factory site, product execution standard number, and pay attention to the production date and shelf life, so as not to purchase overdue products.

In sensory identification, we can start from color, shape, tissue, taste and other aspects. In color, the surface of high-quality cantonese moon cake is golden yellow, the bottom is reddish brown, the wall is milky white, the fire color is even, the skin ditch is not blue, and the surface has egg liquid and grease luster.

In terms of shape, the high-quality mooncakes are round, even and thin, with clear patterns, no cracks on the surface and no filling.

In terms of organization, the high-quality moon cake has a crisp skin, soft filling, no partial skin and filling, no cavity and impurities.

In taste, the high-quality moon cake has proper sweetness and soft filling. The stuffing is smooth and greasy, and does not stick. It has a fragrance and no peculiar smell.