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What are the traditional folk customs worth paying attention to in Gelao's August Festival?

Gelao nationality is an ancient nationality in China, which has been recorded in the history books of the Tang and Song dynasties. The most solemn traditional festival of Gelao nationality is August Festival. What traditional folk activities will Gelao people have in this August Festival? How did Gelao people come to their August Festival? read and talk to you: what are the highlights of Gelao's August festival customs?

Gelao August festival custom

On the first day of Gelao's August Festival, the whole family, old and young, should wear new clothes and gather on the floor of the stockade. Several youths brought a yellow ox with a big red flower. The eldest man in the village, 'then the old man of the clan', began to pray for grain harvest; The band played the "Eight Immortals" song, and fired powder guns and firecrackers at the same time. Kill the cattle and cut off the heart of the cattle, one for each household, indicating the unity of the whole family. Later, the 'clan old' also led the crowd to sacrifice under the Bodhisattva tree with three animals: piglets, old chickens and geese. After the ceremony, the whole family gathered for a dinner until dark. The next day, after the family banquet, the women took their children back to their mother's house to give gifts; Men hang out to meet friends, sing and talk. It is said that the singing and dancing activities of young men and women continue until the last day of the festival.

Gelao people attach great importance to this festival. At that time, men, women, old and young put on new clothes and gathered on the most spacious terrace in the stockade. Several strong men designated by the elders of the clan led the big Guniu wearing red flowers into the site. At this time, the oldest person in the village, the 'clan old', prayed to heaven. People played 'Eight Immortals' music, fired firecrackers and set off firecrackers. Then, the cattle were killed and the hearts of the cattle were equally distributed to each household. The parents of each household sacrificed them in front of the ancestors' souls to show the unity of the whole family. Then, led by the elders of the clan, they took the slaughtered pigs, chickens and geese to the Bodhisattva tree to sacrifice their ancestors. After the ceremony, the whole family had a dinner and reveled late into the night. The next day, families held a family banquet. Each family went to the field to collect some fresh grains, melons and fruits for family feast. After that, the women took their children and sent some fresh gifts to their parents' relatives to express their congratulations. Men visit each other, drink and talk. Young men and women are still entertained by singing and dancing. After the festival, the autumn harvest begins.

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