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What kind of marriage form is the "stolen marriage" that has disappeared in Russia for nearly 70 yea

there are two ways of marriage for Russian people, one is called "positive marriage" and the other is called "stolen marriage". What kind of marriage is "stealing marriage" in Russian marriage? Please see what brings to you: what is the 'Stealing marriage' of the Russian people!

"Stealing marriage" of Russian people

'stealing marriage 'is an ancient Russian marriage custom. That is, both men and women set a lifetime after falling in love, and then the men and women set their own marriage date (the actual man's family knows and is prepared) without notifying the woman's parents. At the time of marriage, the man secretly drove or rode a horse to 'steal marriage'. The marriage period is mostly in winter. The man goes to the woman's house to secretly carry the bride to the car or sled and return quickly. When the woman's parents' found out ', they organized their relatives and friends to' catch up 'with each other. This marriage custom was rare after the founding of the people's Republic of China and basically disappeared after the 1950s.

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