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Which national traditions of the Russian meat Festival have been preserved?

Among the traditional festivals of the Russian people, there is a traditional festival called meat Festival. How will they spend this traditional festival of the Russian people? Why do the Russians celebrate this meat Festival? Please see: the traditional festival of the Russian people, meat Festival!

Meat Festival, also known as' Winter Festival ', is a traditional time-honored festival in Russia in Xinjiang and other places.

The time is changed from the end of February or the beginning of March of the Gregorian calendar to the week before Lent (the fasting date of the Greek Orthodox Church starts seven weeks before Easter, there is no fixed date, generally not earlier than March 22 or later than April 25). The festival lasts seven days. According to folk customs, every day of the festival has different contents: Monday is the spring day; Tuesday is entertainment day; Wednesday is food day; Thursday is drunken day; Friday is the new uncle's return day; Saturday is the girl's new sister-in-law day; Sunday is a day to send winter and forgive your words and deeds.

During the meat Festival, every family has a big feast, because they can't eat meat and drink during the fasting period after the meat Festival.

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