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What kind of national traditional festival is gurbangjie, the traditional festival of Dongxiang nati

72 days after the Eid al Fitr of Dongxiang nationality, they will usher in another traditional festival of their own nation: gulbon Festival! What kind of national traditional festival is the gurbang festival of Dongxiang People? reading tells you: how is the traditional festival of Dongxiang Nationality celebrated?

How is the traditional festival of Dongxiang Nationality celebrated

The gurbang festival of Dongxiang People is called 'Aya' by the villagers, and 'Aya' means festival in Dongxiang language. The festival of Eid al AdhA is generally held 72 days after Eid al Fitr.

Every family of Dongxiang People will slaughter cattle or sheep to celebrate the Eid al AdhA. The slaughtered beef and mutton, or invite villagers to eat at home, or give it to the mosque and every neighbor's relatives and friends. Mutton slaughtered by gurbani cannot be enjoyed exclusively; Even beggars who come to the door should be treated equally, let him eat vegetables, smell oil, and get a piece of meat.

Sheep must be slaughtered on the Eid al AdhA, which comes from a story in the Koran: Ibrahim, the prophet, was old and childless. He prayed for Allah to give him a son. As expected, it was answered. He was named ismayi. But Ibrahim dreamed that Allah motioned for him to sacrifice in return. After waking up, Ibrahim sacrificed with his son. His loyalty moved Allah, so he gave sheep to his son. This is the origin of Eid al AdhA. Muslims celebrate this festival to show their respect and obedience to Allah, follow Ibrahim and give everything to the Lord at any time. Dongxiang People, regardless of wealth or poverty, sit together for dinner on the day of gurbangh, showing the harmony and unity of the nation.

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