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What kind of love story does the legend related to the big fog beam song meeting of Dong nationality

among the traditional festivals of the Dong nationality, there is a traditional festival called 'big fog beam song club'! What kind of festival is the big fog beam song meeting? What kind of sad love story will there be about the fog beam song? read and tell you about the festival of Dong fog beam Song Festival!

Dong People's big fog beam song Club

The big fog Liang Song Festival is a song festival held by the Dong people in some areas of Tongdao Dong Autonomous County, Hunan Province. It is held in April every year, usually 18 days before the beginning of summer in the lunar calendar, for a period of three days. Heavy fog beam is a place name, which is called Liang Meng in Dong language. There are beautiful mountains and rivers here. During the concert, people of Dong, Miao, Zhuang, Yao and Han nationalities from nearby provinces and regions such as Guangxi and Guizhou also attended in groups. There are thousands at least and tens of thousands at most. There are a sea of people and it is very lively. Young men and women either sit and sing, or sing in pairs. The lyrics have a wide range of themes, and the songs are crisp and melodious. People of all ethnic groups exchange what they need and compete to buy. As the sun sets, people gradually disperse with the joy of the festival and the items they buy.

Legend of Dong People's big fog beam song meeting

It is said that a long time ago, there was a young man named Mulong in Guzhou (today's Rongjiang area of Guizhou) who fell in love with a girl Xiao NV in Tongwu (today's yatunbao area of Tongwu), and they often met in Liang Meng. Later, the stuffy dragon made a secret love with Xiao Nu, and they went to Guzhou. When they reached the yatunburg River, the stuffy dragon carried Xiao's daughter on his back. Unfortunately, due to the rapid water and slippery rocks, he slipped and fell into the water. A pair of lovers were swept away by the turbulent flood. After their death, they turned into a huge stone and stood in the river not far from where they fell. Since ancient times, no matter how the river rises, it can't submerge the stone top. Later, the Dong people missed them and gathered at the place where the stuffy Longxiao girl met before her death. From generation to generation, it has gradually formed the big fog beam song club.

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