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Why do Dong people continue the custom of eating new year tea in the new year?

Dong People's Spring Festival is a grand festival, and their festivals have unique customs! They have a habit of eating new year tea during the New Year! What is the custom of Dong people to eat new year's tea? Please see: Dong People's custom of eating new year tea!

Dong People's custom of eating new year tea

Ethnic minorities live on the border of Hunan, Guangxi and Guizhou. They celebrate the Spring Festival, which can be divided into big year and small year. The Dong people call December 29 of the lunar calendar the lunar new year, also known as the "year of the great aunt". It is a festival to commemorate the great aunt. It means that after the sisters of all generations of ancestors get married, they will go home to visit their relatives and reunite at the new year's Eve.

Lunar New Year's Eve, new year's Eve night, send off the old and welcome the new, lights all night, happily eat 'niangeng rice'. This evening, young men and women from the village visited each other and ate 'New Year's tea' in the village. It is very interesting to eat "year tea". It is the girls (or women) who pick up the bucket and go to the well, and wait for the old man to respect him. After that, the girls take a scoop of water and scoop it into the well with white foam as the most auspicious. Girls use this load of water to cook fragrant oil tea for guests and family members, which is called 'new year tea'. This article is read and pushed by For more information about ethnic minority traditional festivals, please pay attention to's collection of Chinese traditional festivals!