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What are the characteristics of Daur people's traditional marriage customs?

Studying the marriage system of a nation can also understand the social development and changes of a nation! Because behind marriage is the carrier of family and society, and family is the cell of society! What are the marriage customs of Daur people? What are the obvious national characteristics of their wedding? Let's talk more about the marriage customs of Daur people!

Traditional festivals of Daur people: marriage customs of Daur people

Once upon a time, the marriage relationship of Daur nationality paid attention to matching families, and family status, family background and reputation were all important factors to be considered. According to the past customs and habits of Daur nationality, they generally do not intermarry with foreigners (nationalities), especially do not marry girls to foreigners.

After the engagement of young men and women, the man should send the woman's horse, cattle, sheep and wine, which is called a 'big gift'. On this day, the girl will hide from her fiance. A month before the wedding, the man will also give a small gift. The gifts are mainly clothes and things. At this time, unmarried couples can meet and eat 'Larry' and noodles together. When you get married, you have to buy a banquet, and the food and dishes must be rich. Especially in the wedding, if you meet pedestrians along the way, you can get a share of wine, meat and snacks, whether you know each other or not. After the wedding ceremony, the host should treat the guests with superior dishes such as fried nose and handlebar meat.

In the old society, the feudal concept of marriage in Daur was strong. Marriage events were completely arranged by parents and elders. The bride took a van, driven by her own brother or close brother, and the son-in-law rode first. At present, those feudal moral concepts have long been replaced by new customs such as freedom of marriage, equality between men and women, simple marriage and so on.

The above is the traditional marriage customs of Daur people. For more about the traditional festivals of ethnic minorities, please pay attention to the collection of traditional festivals of!