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What kind of ethnic minority festival is the traditional festival of Daur?

there are many ethnic minority festivals. Which ethnic minority festivals are traditional religious festivals? What is the traditional festival of Daur? What kind of festival is it?

What is the traditional festival of Daur?

Ganminan, in Daur language, means shaman Festival and Daur religious festival. The festival is held every three years between the third and April of the lunar calendar and lasts for three days

The purpose of 'good offices Minan' is to offer gifts to the gods and pray for the well-being of the people. At that time, people bring gifts and gather in a shed temporarily supported by wheels and shafts, which is called 'sheringer' in Daur. First, two birches with green branches and leaves are erected in 'sheringer', which is called 'greetoro' (indoor divine tree), and then a birch with green branches and leaves is erected in the South six feet away from 'greetoro', which is called 'boditoro' (outdoor divine tree), and then the copper masks of the gods are hung on the three 'Toros'. At the beginning of the ceremony, the sacrificial shaman beat drums and chanted incantations, invited all gods to come, and then led the chief sacrificial shaman to dance around 'Toro'. After the gods' attachment ', the chief priest shaman suddenly fell on his back, rolled on the ground, and' talked 'with the gods to ask for a surrender. When the gods leave, the accompanying shaman dances with the chief shaman.

After the ceremony, everyone ate and sacrificed. Continue to jump the next day. On the third day, the 'Kure' ceremony was held, that is, the accompanying shaman and the chief shaman surrounded all the participants with a leather rope (cut with the whole cow leather, without a knot in the middle), each holding one end of the leather rope and pulling it hard once to measure the length of the leather rope, such as three times. Each time the rope is measured, if the length of the rope increases, it symbolizes the prosperity of the nation. That night, a blood eating ceremony was held. First, mix the blood of three or four year old cattle killed during the day with milk and milk wine, add nine small pieces of incense and nine small pieces of cattle lungs, and put them in a wooden bowl for standby. At night, turn off all the lights. In the dark, the accompanying shaman and the chief shaman danced with God, and the onlookers sang songs and beat drums to cheer up. When the gods came to eat blood, the chief priest shaman imitated the cuckoo bird to cry, which means that God changed into a cuckoo bird to eat blood and smeared cow blood on the statue of Toro. At this point, the 'good offices Minan' has finally come to an end.

It is these ethnic minorities with ethnic and religious color that make their nation more mysterious. Ethnic minority festivals with religious color will be more worthy of people to explore all the mysterious contents of this nation!

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