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How do Buyi people celebrate the Lunar New Year with a unique national style?

at the end of the twelfth lunar month, every family is busy killing pigs, bacon and filling sausages. Women bake wine, make glutinous grain Baba and rice flowers, and sew new clothes for their families_ New handkerchief. Men and married young women working in the field have to rush home to reunite with their relatives. What are the traditional festivals of Buyi people to do? read and share with you: how Buyi people celebrate the Lunar New Year!

How do Buyi people celebrate the lunar new year

On the evening of the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month, Buyi compatriots' maltose and other fruits made of glutinous rice were "sent to the kitchen god" at home and asked it to report the time to the "Jade Emperor". Pay more attention to people's good words and bless the world. After delivering the stove, people should prepare incense, candles and other sacrificial supplies. Please write a pair with "Mr." not only on the door, but also on the side door and window. In order to show people's yearning and continuous demand for a happy life, in addition, many people have to stick door gods on the door and all kinds of festive new year pictures on the walls of their homes.

Thirty nights is the busiest day. The Buyi people don't visit each other from the thirties to the first day of the ninth lunar month. people. They all lit a burning charcoal fire at home, and the whole family sat around the fire. They first sacrificed their ancestors to heaven and earth with wine and meat, and then the whole family blessed each other and ate the reunion dinner happily. New year's Day is also very particular. People are at home. All kinds of colored lights are lit in the north and on the 8th of the evening. They are hung at the gate, setting off a prosperous festive atmosphere.

After the first day of the lunar new year, people began to visit the family to pay New Year's greetings. Children must pay homage to each family, which not only shows their respect for their elders, but also can be rewarded by the elderly. The tiebuyi people are a nation that can show their good dancing. On new year's festivals, young men and women meet in twos and threes to 'catch up with their watches', express their love for the bombed with songs, or get together in suona. Show up, genhuang, sister Xiao, copper drum and other musical instruments, and dance with cheerful dances such as "playing flower bags" and "just holding the copper drum". The ninth day is called "Shangjiu"; According to local customs, it can only be "boiled" on this day, that is, first light incense candles, supply raw meat to ancestors, then cook raw chicken and raw meat, and then put it in front of the incense table for one time before you can enjoy it. In some Buyi areas, after the lunar new year on the fifteenth day of the first month, there is also a "small year" school on the thirtieth day of the first month.

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