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What can better express friendship during the Spring Festival? Spring Festival presents the most wor

what's the best way to express your feelings during the Spring Festival! The following items are most worth giving to relatives and friends! We bring them to express our feelings during the New Year! health delivery: the most worthwhile gift for the Spring Festival!

1、 Send good tea

Drinking tea is not only a traditional dietary culture, but also has a certain effect on eliminating free radicals because tea contains a variety of antioxidant substances and antioxidant nutrients. Therefore, drinking tea can also help prevent aging and has the function of health care. Drinking three or two cups of tea a day can play a role in preventing aging. Tea contains a variety of vitamins and amino acids. Drinking tea also plays a certain role in clearing oil, relieving greasiness, enhancing nerve excitement, digestion and diuresis.

2、 Send fresh fruit

1. Skin care: fruits are rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and trace elements, which can nourish the skin. Its beauty effect is not comparable to that of ordinary cosmetics.

2. Slow down aging: in addition to our known nutrients, fruits are also rich in a large number of natural plant compounds. These substances can regulate the activity of detoxifying enzymes, improve hormone metabolism, have the ability of antibacterial and antiviral, and play a role in delaying aging.

3. Lower blood pressure: fruit can prevent cardiovascular disease, inhibit the growth of strong carcinogen nitrosamine and cancer cell proliferation, and produce the activity of a certain enzyme. Data analysis shows that fruit can improve digestion, improve myocardial function and regulate the maintenance of acid-base balance in human body.

3、 Deliver good wine

A small amount of alcohol can reduce the risk of diabetes. Researchers found that men consumed 15 to 29 grams of alcohol a day, which reduced their risk of diabetes by 36% after 12 years compared with those who did not drink or drink at all.

A small amount of drinking can reduce the risk of diabetes. The researchers suggested that heavy drinkers or those who consumed more than 50 grams of alcohol per day reduced the risk of diabetes by 39%, but few people in this study achieved such high levels of alcohol intake. For this reason, this finding may not apply to all heavy drinkers.

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