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What are the customs of frost falling solar terms? Are frost fall customs the same everywhere?

Every year around October 24, is the frost solar term! What are the customs of frost falling solar terms? This paper discusses the different customs in China during the frost solar term! Welcome to pay attention: what are the customs of frost?

In most parts of China, red persimmons should be eaten in frost season. In the view of local people, this can not only keep warm and warm, but also replenish muscles and bones. It is a very good frost food.

The old man in Quanzhou said that eating persimmons by frost is: eating Ding persimmons by frost will not have a runny nose. In some places, the explanation for this custom is: eat pancakes on the day of frost, otherwise your lips will crack all winter.

People in Shandong must eat some beef on the day of frost. Shandong Agricultural proverb is more interesting: in the summer, sorghum, Bailu Valley, frost falls to pull out turnips.

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