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What is the traditional festival on October 15 of the lunar calendar? What are the Customs on this d

The 15th day of the first lunar month is the Lantern Festival. The 15th day of the eighth lunar month is the Mid Autumn Festival. What festival is the 15th day of the tenth lunar month? read and share with you the festival of October 15 of the lunar calendar! Many friends may be very strange to October 15! Come on, let's see what the Chinese traditional festival does on October 15 of the lunar calendar?

What do people do on October 15 of the lunar calendar

Xiayuan Festival is a traditional Chinese folk festival. It is also called Xiayuan day and Xiayuan day on October 15 of the lunar calendar.

On the 15th day of the first month, the Han nationality called the Shangyuan Festival, which celebrates the Lantern Festival, which has existed since ancient times; On July 15, the Han nationality called Zhongyuan Festival, offering sacrifices to their ancestors; On October 15, the Han nationality called Xiayuan festival to offer sacrifices to their ancestors.

What is the custom on October 15 of the lunar calendar

① Burn 'gold and silver bags' and other activities to worship the souls of ancestors: the folk fold red and green paper into immortal clothes, fold tin foil into silver ingots, put them into white paper paste bags, write' sincerely say a seal of Ming treasure and offer a colored coat to so and so to accept 'on the front, write' a hundred worship of descendants', and write 'sincerely seal a certain year, month and day' on the back, commonly known as' gold and silver bags', which are burned after worship. In addition, there are other common ancestor worship activities. ② Relevant activities in special places of Taoism: on this day, the Taoist temple is a Taoist arena to help the people solve their difficulties. The people go to the Taoist temple to offer sacrifices, and worship Xiayuan water officials and ancestors in the Taoist temple. ③ Offering sacrifices to Yu: on the birthday of Yu, the water official, there are often sacrificial activities in Yu temples and other places commemorating Yu. ④ Making Ciba and other food customs: on this day, people make Ciba at home and give them to relatives and friends, steam rotten steamed buns, etc.

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