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Review of the world's 20 most eye-catching advertising masterpieces

today's world is full of advertisements, and people's eyes and ears are full every day. How to attract users' attention, the answer is only creativity!

1. Wina Corys hairdressing

Wina Corys hairdressing

Wina Corys hairdressing

2. Carlsberg beer


3. Coca Cola

3. Coca Cola

4. Colorado Patrol: "keep your distance!"

5. CNN: watching the news in a complete context

6. Panasonic nose hair trimmer

7. Tropicana: natural energy

8, blue wave: super soft T-shirt

9. Earl paint: Perfect Color

10, Yimeng stop laxative

11. Toy car 'wind and fire wheel'

12. Indian social service advertisement: "fasten your seat belt!"

13. Baolihao fitness center

14. Anando milk: the power of Superman

15, glide floss

16, Lego: "imagine!"

17. Transport services in New Zealand: 'rain changes everything. Please consider the weather conditions. '

18. Electric drill advertisement

19, IBM

19, IBM

20, formula toothpaste