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The biggest foot in the world the Venezuelan boy has the biggest foot in the world

The biggest foot of the living man in the world (male)

Speaking of the biggest foot, I was the first to think of Yao Ming in China. It is said that his shoe size is 56 and his feet are 355mm long.

However, a 20-year-old boy from Venezuela, jeson Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez, has a much bigger foot than Yao Ming, with his right foot 40.1 cm long and his left foot 39.6 cm long. He has the biggest foot in the world. As early as jeson's ninth birthday, he found that his feet were much bigger than those of his classmates around him. Every time he compared with his peers, he was the biggest one among them. Therefore, his shoes always need to be ordered from Germany.

Jeson Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez was also included in the 2016 Guinness world record for his big foot.