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67.8 decibels domestic cat purr sets world record

67.8 decibels domestic cat purr sets world record

Merlin, a 13-year-old domestic cat from Britain, successfully broke the Guinness world record for the biggest purr of a domestic cat with a maximum call of 67.8 decibels, and has since become the world record holder.

It is understood that the average domestic cat's call decibel is generally around 25. In 2011, a cat named smokey from the UK held the Guinness world record at 67.68 decibels. Merlin was able to break the record this time, which shows that it is really a roaring cat.

At the Guinness world record challenge, Merlin failed to break the record of 67.68 decibels in the first two challenges. Merlin broke the record after eating a bowl of tuna cat food. Tracy Westwood, the owner, said: 'Merlin's voice is louder than the sound of a shower or a conversation between two people. You can hear it even when you blow your hair. Therefore, whether in the movie or on the phone, you can't let it stay around. '

Jamie Clarke, a spokesman for Guinness World Records, commented: 'the Guinness World Records is committed to finding pets with unique talents and skills in daily life, a typical example of which is Merlin. To be able to hear its amazing & lsquo; roar & quot; is absolutely unique. Although Merlin's first two challenges were unsatisfactory, a bowl of tuna inspired the cat's strength and finally broke the record. '

Peter Neville, a pet behavior expert and Professor, explains: 'cats' calls are almost always at the same frequency, which is what happens when they are relaxed and happy. Interestingly, large cats (lions, tigers, etc.) can't make such calls. Only small cats can make such unique sounds. '