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The first published AIDS

In June 1981, the United States Centers for disease control announced the first case of AIDS to the world, and named the disease 'acquired immune deficiency syndrome'.

AIDS, as a serious disease endangering human life, has attracted the attention of biologists and medical scientists all over the world. Human beings began to declare war on the increasingly rampant AIDS! On February 1, 1988, the World Health Organization established the global programme for the prevention of AIDS (GDA) to guide and coordinate the global fight against AIDS. In addition, the World Health Organization (who) has formed an alliance with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to jointly carry out the war against AIDS.

At present, AIDS research has made great progress. After making clear the etiological characteristics of AIDS, people have successfully isolated HIV and named it "human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)". In a word, the fight against AIDS, which is fierce and harmful, is positive and effective. I believe that in the near future, mankind will be able to resolve this century's disaster with its own wisdom.