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Top ten most beautiful stars in South Korea

Introduction to the world's most popular website: South Korea's top ten most beautiful stars list. Recently, South Korea's media once again voted on the country's beautiful women and elected the latest ten goddesses in everyone's mind in 2015. Let's see who is on the top ten most beautiful stars list in South Korea.

In the first place is rain's girlfriend, Kim Tae hee, one of the few natural beauties in South Korea's performing arts circle. Her face is sweet, her facial features are delicate, her smile is warm, and she has classical and modern beauty. What's more, she graduated from Seoul University. She used to be the school flower of Seoul University. It's true that she has both talent and appearance. It's no wonder that she was named the national goddess.

Han Jia Ren is a typical representative of South Korean plain beauty. Her beauty is extraordinary and refined, with beautiful face, perfect nose, big eyes and white and moving skin. Her temperament is refined without any modification.

Beauty is always compared by people. Sun Yizhen and Han Jia are often compared. Many people say that sun Yizhen can't compare with Han Jia in facial features, but Sun Yizhen is more patient. Sun Yizhen has a very gentle and quiet temperament, a bit of a smart feeling, and is a typical beautiful woman.

Quan Zhixian is a sexy beauty. Although her facial features are not very clear, her sexy lips, perfect nose, and perfect body make her crazy and fashionable.

In the entertainment circle where Yi xiaov face is beautiful now, it's hard to find a beautiful round face actress, and Li Yingai is one of them. Her face is a typical geese face, a little round and fleshy. Her eyes, nose and mouth are very rare natural beauty. The slightly drooping corners of her eyes give the impression of kindness.

In the comments from netizens, Liu Zhen said that she has an impressive full forehead and a high nose, which reminds people of Olivia