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The most expensive motorcycle in the world

many of the world's most expensive motorcycles have been introduced in the world's most expensive motorcycles. The reason why the motorcycles in the world are expensive is mostly because of the technology content providers. But none of the motorcycles are as expensive as the one below. The 1954 AJS E95 porcupine (AJS E95 porcupine) produced by AJS, a British company described below, has an auction price of $675000.

AJS is a famous motorcycle manufacturer in the UK. In 1954, AJS E95 porcupine was a specially produced racing motorcycle. In 1949 AJS began to build porcupines, but they did not succeed, and their carburetors had problems. These problems were finally solved in the second generation model in 1954. These second-generation models were very successful, winning the UK's first Grand Prix. The following car is actually one of the core collections of the national motorcycle Museum in the UK for many years. It was purchased from Powerlong in 2011 for $675000.

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