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The world's fastest shark, Mako

the fastest shark in the world is lsurus oxyrincus. According to Guinness World Records, Mako is the fastest shark to swim with a speed of more than 56 km / h (34.8 mph). By comparison, the fastest human swimming speed is only 7.5 km / h (4.7 mph).

Mako shark, also known as mackerel, mako shark, moxa sand, is one of the largest sharks in the shark family. It belongs to the same genus as its close relative, Mako. The lifespan of Mako sharks remains a mystery, and it is suspected that they can reach the age of 11 to 23.

The adult length of female shark is about 2 meters, the adult length of male shark is about 1.3 meters, and the most common body size is about 3.7 meters. Because of the difference between male and female, almost all of them are female sharks whose body length is more than 2.5m. The largest recorded body length is 4.45m, which was captured in six fours Les plages in France in 1973 and a 4.25m long individual was also captured in Tunisia in 1876.

Mako is also the highest jumping shark. It can jump up to six meters (19 feet 8 inches) out of the water. It even jumped directly into the fisherman's boat.