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Brazilian teenagers set the world record for fastest text input speed on mobile phones

the previous anecdotes from all over the world introduced mateshkova, the fastest typing person in the world. He is typing with a computer. Today, he introduces the fastest typing person with a mobile phone.

On November 7, 2014, Brazilian teenager broke the world record of the fastest text input speed on mobile phone. Marcel Fernandes Filho, a 17-year-old Brazilian boy, entered a standard length of text on iPhone 6 plus in only 17 seconds, successfully refreshing the Guinness world record title of "the fastest speed to input a paragraph of text on a touch-screen mobile phone".

Marcel set the record as early as may this year, when he used Samsung's Galaxy S4 mobile phone to complete a standard length of text in 18.19 seconds.

Marcel, who is currently a physics student at a university in the United States, returned to New York in September to use Apple's latest mobile phone to successfully set his own 18.19 second record. The text required for Marcel's challenge record is as follows:

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