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Guinness world record starlight show of Venetian Hotel Macau

Guinness world record star light show of Venetian Hotel Macao according to Guinness World Record: on January 10, 2015, the performance of Venetian Hotel Macao Star light show kicked off. The performance presented a number of Guinness World Records, 10 record holders were invited to attend. Five new records were created on the scene, and the Guinness World Records certification officer issued the method certificate to challenge the winners. Among them, challenges and performances such as "the maximum weight of sword swallowing", "the most axes thrown around the human body in 30 seconds", "the most bikes with chin lifted from the top" made the audience hold their breath and wonder.

China's Wang Shengli, as the record holder, performed "the most axes are thrown around human targets in 30 seconds".

Lutz Eichholz from Germany performed two Guinness world record titles he held