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The tallest cat in the world

the world's tallest cat

In California, the United States, Scarlett & (s Magic) is an 18 month old Savannah cat. After measurement, Scarlett & (s Magic) is 43.43 cm (17.1 in) from shoulder to toe, which is the highest new world record holder in Guinness World Records.

Savannah is a hybrid cat. Close to the wild cat, people crossbreed the serval with the domestic cat (the serval has a long face and legs, and a good figure. Can jump to mid air to kill flying birds.) "Savannah cat", similar to it, can be raised at home. But it's expensive. According to his owner, Mrs. Draper, Savannah cat is also known as Savannah cat. Raising this kind of cat is becoming more and more popular in California. They have unique appearance and learning ability. "They are active animals, they like to play, they like to be close to their owners and families," Kim said. Scarlett &; s magic has doubled in value after setting a record, but Scarlett &; s magic has been listed as a non-sale product.