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Ten thousand people play Wing Chun together, Southwest Airlines set a Guinness World Record

in the afternoon of January 8, 2015, a total of 10021 students from southwest aviation vocational college of Sichuan Province were wearing Wing Chun suits and playing Wing Chun boxing together, successfully breaking the title of "the largest Wing Chun boxing performance" in the Guinness world record. John garland, Guinness World Records certification officer, certifies and issues a certificate on site.

Yongchun boxing, as one of the traditional Chinese martial arts, is highly sought after for its self-defense. In December 2014, Yongchun boxing was officially listed as an important national intangible cultural heritage. Western Airlines also creatively set up a compulsory course of Yongchun boxing to further promote the spread of Yongchun boxing culture around the world.

Mr. Wei Quanbin, President of Sichuan southwest aviation vocational college, commented: "this successful challenge record is an innovation of national fitness, which will promote Yongchun boxing to a new height in the world, upgrade vocational education again, and create a trend of national fitness."

It is reported that the Western Airlines successfully broke the previous record of more than 3000 people playing Wing Chun boxing in Foshan, Guangdong Province.