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South Korea's application for Guinness iron pot failed: Australia has bigger

It took South Korea ten years to build a large-scale cast iron pot that failed in applying for the Guinness world record. What's the reason? Australia has already applied for the Guinness world record for a larger pot.

A 43.5-ton iron pot is placed in a square on North Zhongqing road in South Korea. The lid of the pot weighs 5 tons and needs a crane to open it, South Korean media reported Tuesday. The pot is 2.2 meters high, 17.8 meters long, and costs 500 million won (about 2.8 million yuan). It was originally made to apply for the Guinness Book of records, but I didn't expect that Australia has a bigger pot, the record hasn't been applied for, and the money has been wasted.

In July 2005, Mr. Jin, 68, applied to the local council for funds to build the pot. Kim said he would like to wait for the Guinness Book of records application, on the one hand, to attract tourists, on the other hand, to hold a "one pot meal for all" event to show the happy social atmosphere.

But since Australia's bigger pot appeared, Kim's "Guinness dream is broken". No one came to see jinmou's big pot. Jinmou only used it to cook corn several times.

The local councillor said, "we thought it was too expensive, and at first we opposed the grant, but when we heard that we wanted to apply for Guinness, we agreed later.".

In recent years, there are some places in South Korea that advocate "apply for Guinness", "the highest in the world", "the largest in the East". In 2005, quanluobeidao, South Korea, invested 4 billion won (about 20 million yuan) to build a spray pool, aiming to 'spray the highest', with a height of 170 meters. But later, because the surrounding water dried up, the water spray pool became a waste pool.