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When are the Korean dramas Hyde, Jekyll and I on? Introduction to Heidegger Kiel and me, cast

when will Hyde, Jekyll and me be broadcast?

"Hyde, Jekyll and me" is adapted from the popular Korean Internet cartoon "Dr. Jekyll is Hyde" written by caricaturist Li Zhonghao. It is a waterwood play broadcast by SBS TV station in South Korea on January 21, 2015. Directed by Zhao Yingguang, written by Jin Zhiyun, starring xuanbin, Han Zhixiang, Sheng Jun and Li Huili.

The play tells a unique triangular romance between a man with good and evil dual personality and a woman with deep love.

Chinese Name: Hyde, Jekyll and me

Foreign name:

??? ??, ?,Hyde Jekyll,Me

Production time: 2015

Production company: KPJ

Production area: South Korea

Location: South Korea

Distribution company: South Korean SBS TV station

Premiere time: January 21, 2015

Director: Zhao Yingguang

Screenwriter: Jin Zhiyun

Starring: Xuan bin, Han Zhi, Sheng Jun, Li Huili

Number of sets: 20 sets

Length of each episode: about 60 minutes

Type: love, romance, comedy

Release time: January 21, 2015

Producers: Zhang Zhenxu, Hong Yi

Introduction to Hyde, Jekyll and me

There is a unique triangle love between the man with double personality - "the world's kindest sweet and pure man Hyde, the world's worst cold and picky man zhejie" (xuanbin), and the head of Acrobatic Troupe Zhang hona (Hanzhi?) who falls in love with the two personalities respectively.

Although the executive Rui town of wonder paradise is rich and powerful, he is a character who does not drink, gamble, drive, exercise, sleep, go out, fall in love or get married. Because of his childhood experience of terror and accident, he left a wound and formed a psychological defect. When he met Zhang Huna, a cheerful and lively character, she opened her heart.