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Gu Xuan's profile and TV series played by Su Qi

Female, 28 years old, with bright white skin, wavy hair, delicate body and Queen's style. Rich women, like the unique design of clothing and accessories, do not like to collide with people. Domineering unreasonable, like exclusive, selfish, have a mind. Su Qi is a typical rich woman. She was loved by her family since she was a child. Her superior material conditions and thousands of pampering made her arrogant and arrogant. I met Lin Qiao in the University. I like Lin Qiao's handsome. Because they have the same family strength and make good friends, Su Qi thinks that he and Lin Qiao are a natural couple. His confidence in his appearance and strength makes Su Qi feel that no one can compete with him.

Personal information of Su Qi's actor Gu Xuan

Gu Xuan, a new generation of mainland actress, graduated from the Department of performance, Central Academy of drama. In 2011, he was invited by Zhang Yimou to play the classic war epic "Thirteen beauties in Jinling", which won wide attention and praise. He was once a member of China national team Latin dance junior team and obtained the certificate of China National Latin Dance Association.

Gu Xuan's recent performance

Play Su Qi in two flowers in 2015

2014 return to the horse as Qu Yao

2013 happy daughter in law's growth as Lin Yan