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What is the real identity of Lan Ying? Huang Bo's blade episode 36

Huang Bo's blade episode 36: 'Zisheng meets Mr. Zhou and asks him to find a way to send sun Wenjuan to Yan'an. Mr. Zhou says he will find a way.

Zhang Jinhui tells Wang Jianzhong that he is investigating the case of the accounting room and has found out his eyebrows. He suspects that the accounting room is not dead and there is no body in the coffin, and asks Wang Jianzhong to stand on his side. Wang Jian tells Lao Tan about Zhang Jinhui's investigation of Shen Xilin.

Zhang Jinhui took people to the hometown of Shenzhen Wu in Henan Province to find people, but he didn't find them, so he strengthened his inference. Zhang Jinhui tells Takeda about the investigation of Shenzhen Wu and his own inference. Takeda decides to take Zhang Jinhui and Shen Xilin together to open the coffin for autopsy. Unexpectedly, there was not only a corpse in the coffin, but also the fracture of the bone during the execution. Zhang Jinhui is discouraged. Shen Xilin doesn't know who is behind him. He gets nervous.

Sun Wenjuan arrived in Yan'an safely. Zisheng was very happy and told Lan Ying that Lan Ying had a cold reaction.

Takeda appeased Shen Xilin, saying the result of this time proved his innocence. Behind the scenes, Takeda asked Kato to send someone to Nanjing to check the details of Shen Xilin.