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Uncle Dick went to Harbin to perform and was loudly confessed by female fans

Recently, Momo popular anchor uncle Dick went to Harbin to perform, bringing his representative repertoire "broken heart". Uncle Dick's forgetful singing pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax, and the female fans at the scene declared that the song was beautiful.

In fact, the heart of hurt has gained more than 800 thousand of the volume of its voice on the tiktok, and has conquered thousands of netizens with its own high quality, becoming the hottest Golden Melody of the 2019. As a composer and singer of "broken heart", uncle Dick's outstanding creative talent can be seen.

On March 19, uncle Dick released a new song, men are bad, women love. This song, like Uncle Dick's previous songs, is composed from a male perspective, but it is different from the strong rhythm and straightforward expression of "a broken heart", showing uncle Dick's tender side. What has changed is the style of the song, and what remains unchanged is the high quality as always. Can man bad woman love surpass the popularity of broken heart? Can uncle Dick create the next music miracle popular on the Internet? Let's see.